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ARMY Magazine - January 2001

Volume 51, Number 1

Listed below are selected articles and features of our January 2001 issue. To read all the articles in ARMY Magazine, join AUSA and get a subscription as part of your membership.

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'The Army Needs a Red Team' (01/01/2001)
The Army needs a designated Red Team - a loyal, supportive yet independent agency capable of challenging new concepts of organization, operation and support.

Aviation Systems Updated (01/01/2001)
Apache Longbow transition is an Army Aviation success story, but officials said that the Army needs a sound recapitalization effort for all its Apache, Black Hawks and Chinooks, a helicopter fleet that has been ridden hard over the years.

The Interim Armored Vehicle: Commonality and Performance Led to the Choice (01/01/2001)
The Army has selected the vehicle platform for the interim brigade combat teams.

Task Force Kingston (01/01/2001)
Reinforced each time he made a try for the Yalu River in the bitter winter of 1950, 2nd Lt. Robert C. Kingston had the remarkable distinction of holding task force command over officers who outranked him. It was recognition of his potential.

Epilogue (01/01/2001)
The command potential displayed by Lt. Kingston was well founded. he went on to earn four stars and induction into the Infantry Officers Candidate School, Ranger and Special Forces Hall of Fame.

The Spirit of the Game (01/01/2001)
The 101st Army-Navy Game was an emotional roller-coaster ride that proved you should never give up, even if you come up a little short.

Letters (01/01/2001)
January 2001 Letters to the Editor

Washington Report (01/01/2001)
January 2001 Washington Report

Soldier Armed (01/01/2001)
January 2001 Soldier Armed

News Call (01/01/2001)
January 2001 News Call

Reviews (01/01/2001)
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