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ARMY Magazine - January 2002

Volume 52, Number 1

Listed below are selected articles and features of our January 2002 issue. To read all the articles in ARMY Magazine, join AUSA and get a subscription as part of your membership.

Visit the ARMY Magazine Archives for online access to previous issues.

Preparing for the Long War (01/01/2002)
Congress needs to act now to sustain the Army and prevent the deterioration of the its capabilities.

The American Soldier in a New Era (01/01/2002)
The U.S. Army rises to the challenge of the September 11 attacks.

Korean War at 50 (01/01/2002)
January 1952

Captains Courageous (01/01/2002)
Two officers, Capt. Richard Winters in the European Theater of Operations in World War II and Capt. Lewis Millett in the Korean War, personify optimism and courage in the face of the enemy.

Combat in Hell's Highland (01/01/2002)
U.S. Army Special Forces teams take the point in Afghanistan, advising and supporting anti-Taliban forces as they tighten the noose on Osama bin Laden and his followers.

Sky Soldiers: A Tribute to Patriots (01/01/2002)
With its fleet of historic Army aircraft, the Army Aviation Heritage Foundation tells the Army story at air shows and other venues.

Army Aviation and Army Transformation (01/01/2002)
The Army's progress toward the Objective Force's key vertical envelopment and maneuver capabilities is being accelerated by the ongoing aviation fleet's modernization plans and activities. 

Toward an Adaptive Army (01/01/2002)
To remain competitive on the battlefields of the 21st century, the Army must enhance rather than discard current capabilities as well as transform for the future.

The Rough Guide to Reaper Estates (01/01/2002)
Soldiers from the 1st Cavalry Division reinforced U.S. forces in Kuwait to deter Iraqi aggression during the war on terror.

Letters (01/01/2002)
Letters/January 2002

Washington Report (01/01/2002)
Washington Report/January 2002

Army Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Update (01/01/2002)
Army Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Update

News Call (01/01/2002)
NEWS CALL/January 2002

Book Reviews (01/01/2002)
REVIEWS/January 2002