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ARMY Magazine - July 2007

Volume 57, Number 7

Listed below are selected articles and features of our July 2007 issue. To read all the articles in ARMY Magazine, join AUSA and get a subscription as part of your membership.

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Front & Center
Of 'Intellectual and Moral' Failures
"Progress results from hard work on many fronts. And hard work is only motivated by discomfort with the status quo."

Selected Features
Developing Pentathletes—Another Tool for the Box (PDF)
Leadership and initiative development, centered on building an individual's character through exposure to a range of challenging and unfamiliar experiences, is the core purpose of the adventurous training programs conducted by the British, Australian and Canadian armies.

History with a Purpose (PDF)
The U.S. Army Combat Studies Institute uses military history's insights to prepare soldiers for the future.

The ARMY Magazine Hooah Guide to Counterinsurgency
History and contemporary practice—including a condensed version of U.S. Army Field Manual 3-24 Counterinsurgency—are combined in a counterinsurgency short course.

CompanyCommand—Building Combat-Ready Teams: What Does It Mean to You to Command Soldiers? (PDF)
Leaders express their opinions on the honor, privilege and responsibility of command.