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ARMY Magazine - April 2005

Volume 55, Number 4
Listed below are selected articles and features of our April 2005 issue. To read all the articles in ARMY Magazine, join AUSA and get a subscription as part of your membership.

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Front & Center
Military Lite: War with Half the Cost
Instead of reinstituting the draft to fight the war on terror, the Pentagon has chosen to draft reservists who have been sacrificing themselves since 9/11. Now the Reserve component is on the verge of breaking.

More on the Military and the Media
There is a problem with classified information divulged to the world by zealous investigative reporters who believe they know best what the American public "has a right to know."

Selected Features
Company Command--Building Combat-Ready Teams: Training for War--What We’re Learning
Officers in the field answer the question: "Will your experience as a commander in war change the way you train or lead soldiers? If so, how?"

Winning Wars
If a country is to win wars, innovative, decisive leaders must fight smart and correctly recognize the shifting "rules of the game."

The Mobility Officer--Master of Deployment
The mobility officer program fills the gap in deployment expertise, especially at the division level. It has provided the expeditionary army with a core of deployment technicians who are helping fight the war on terrorism.

Building Relevant Family Readiness Groups for an Expeditionary Army
Family Readiness Groups support soldiers and contribute to unit readiness by reducing stress on soldiers and their families. The lessons learned by one complex organization should be useful to others who are facing their own deployments.