Welcome Ft Riley-Central Kansas Chapter!

July 1, 2008

After 25 years of continuous individual membership and 8 years serving our Chapters Executive Committee--I am excited to serve as your new President.

I promise you that I accept this responsibility wholeheartedly and eager to advance the Chapter in its relevance to the changing world in which we live--as well as the heightening state of needs of the Fort Riley Soldier and Family. Your chapter leaders and I have crafted a vision and operational plan to re-invigorate the Chapter to play an increasingly more significant role in quality of life issues, professional development and community relations. Upon my retirement from active duty in 2006--I committed my next career--much like my first career to serving our Army. So I plan to leverage my full-time profession in community and institutional military affairs to enable me to lead our Chapter in new, exciting directions. I will be asking a lot from you in the near future to help the Chapter grow to an appropriate strength and capacity. I will only ask for things that the Chapter needs to directly serve the Soldier and his/her Family. Thank you in advance for sharing this endeavor of service with us at the Fort Riley - Central Kansas Chapter of AUSA.

In All Things--Victory

Art DeGroat, LTC (Ret.), USA

Arthur S. De Groat
Director of Military Affairs
24A Anderson Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506

Whether you are in the active component, guard, reserves, retiree, DA civilian, family member, or an interested civilian, you are invited and encouraged to join the Fort Riley - Central Kansas Chapter of AUSA.

Help us to remain strong - ARMY STRONG!