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MAJ Samuel Woodfill Bio
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Since 1950, the Association of the United States Army has worked to support all aspects of national security while advancing the interests of America's Army and the men and women who serve. AUSA membership is open to anyone who wants to foster the Army objectives and its soldiers.
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U.S. Army Values
Bear true faith and allegiance to the U.S. Constitution, the Army, your unit, and other soldiers.

Fulfill your obligations.

Treat people as they should be treated.

Put the welfare of the nation, the Army, and your subordinates before your own.

Live up to all the Army values.

Do what's right, legally and morally.

Personal Courage
Face fear, danger, or adversity (Physical or Moral).
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     Chapter Participates in Welcome Home Ceremonies
Your Major Samuel Woodfill AUSA chapter participated in the Welcome Home/Army Birthday celebration for all veterans conducted at Cincinnati's Washington Park. A special welcome was given to Vietnam war veterans. The Great Lakes and Ohio River Division, Corps of Engineers, was the primary organizer with the assistance of the Cincinnati U.S. Army Recruiting company.  BG Margaret Burcham, commander of the division, was involved in the event that included swearing in some 200 Army recruits.  The keynote speaker was MAJ (ret) Sario Caravalho, a decorated Vietnam special forces veteran. The  Woodfill chapter was a co-sponsor of the event and had an active booth on the park grounds.  The chapter also arranged for a presentation of a "Certificate of Appreciation" signed by GEN (ret) Gordon Sullivan, AUSA president.  It was presented to LTC (ret) Phil Tilly., a civilian executive at the division, for his work as chair of the event's organizing committee.  The NCO shown with BG Burcham is SSG Brian Wray from the recruiting company. He worked closely with LTC Tilly in organizing event.
chapter's chairman of the "Operation Christmas Cheer" program. In offering the check, Mr. Surron said, "It was our pleasure to help out such an honorable group of people."
        This fund raising effort provided gift cards to injured soldiers and veterans who are outpatients at the Dayton, NKY and Cincinnati VA Medical Centers.  The goal of $15,000 for the program that enabled the chapter to show appreciation to these soldiers and veterans who have given so much to protect our country and way of life.         
        Your AUSA chapter also accepts tax-deductible, charitable donations directly to the "Operation Christmas Cheer" fund and it's year round program to help needy soldier, veterans and their families.  Your donation can be made by PayPal or by check to: Major Samuel Woodfill Chapter with a Memo to the "Soldier Support Fund."  Send to Major Samuel Woodfill Chapter, c/o LTC (r) Paul Fellinger, 5493 Delhi Road, Cincinnati, OH 45238. If you have any questions, please contact CSM (r) Walter Howard at or 513-752-9734. Thank you so much for your support. To send your donation via a credit card or PayPal, just click on the adjacent  "Donate" button.

Below are typical "thank you" responses from recipients:
                 I would like to say thanks to you and the Association of the United States Army (Major Samuel Woodfill Chapter) for the fine gift card. This will truly help me and my family during this holiday season and with transition into medical retirement. Again I can't thank you enough.

                I was a 19D SGT with two tours to Iraq with 1ST CAV, I recieved my $100 Kroger Gift card today and I cannot say thank you enough. It has honestly made my week. Times have been rough since I left the Army esp dealing with TBI and PTSD, and I just wanted to tell you I appreciate this gift card and thank you and those that have helped give this to me.
                "Our family would like to thank you for your great generosity to us.  We feel so blessed to have received such a nice gift.  May God bless all of you for your generosity."
For more details about our chapter's soldier  support program, Click here for YouTube video.
The Strength of our
         Nation is our Army,
The Strength of our Army
         is our Soldiers,
The Strength of our
          is our Families,
This is what makes us
          Army Strong!

AUSA Golf Benefit a Big Success
The AUSA Major Samuel Woodfill Chapter's 8th annual Golf benefit raised record funds for the Soldier and Family Support Program.  These funds are directed to our area soldiers, veterans and their families in  financial need. The program also recognizes top area Army NCOs, ROTC cadets, and awards scholarships to children of soldiers from our area.The chapter's golf benefit also honored and celebrated the U.S. Army's 238th birthday. Army Specialist Brian Freeman cut the Army birthday cake. The golf benefit was was named after Veteran Ralph Steward and was held at the Clovernook Country Club, Cincinnati, Ohio.  An awards dinner followed after golf with guest speaker retired Colonel Andy Anderson, a recent inductee into the Special Forces Hall of Fame.
Chapter Honors Outstanding NCOs
The Major Samuel Woodfill Chapter honored three NCOs from its area of operations at a general membership dinner meeting at the King's Island Conference, Mason, Ohio, on April 27, 2013.
        The keynote speaker for the evening was CSM Donald E. Thomas, retired, who concluded his career as the Command Sergeant Major, United Nations Command, Combined Forces Command, Unites States Forces Korea, and Eighth Unites States Army, Youngsan, Korea. He discussed the lack of a new Army budget and how it has been functioning for three years under a continuing resolution. 
        The Master of ceremonies for the NCO awards ceremony was CSM William Pewther, retired, the chapter's vice president for NCO and Enlisted Affairs. The first honoree was SFC Matthew F. Helmes, 1st Platoon, H&H Battery, 174th ADA, Army National Guard.  His presenter was CPT Matthew Young. The second honoree was SSG Schelee K. Riddell, 940th Military Police Co., also Army National Guard.  Her presenter was CPT Joshua Futrell. The third honoree from the U.S. Army Reserve was SGG Arron M. Collett, 396th Engr Co., 478th Engineer Battalion. Because of being on active duty for training he was not present for the awards ceremony.
 SFC Helmes and
presenter CPT Young.
SSG Riddell, with her
presenter CPT Futrell.
CSM Thomas was the
keynote speaker.
CSM Pewther was MC
for NCO awards
BG Margaret Burcham and SSG Brian Wray were involved with the swearing in of the 200 recruits.
The speaker's stand for the welcome for all military heroes.
LTC (r) Bob Sprague, Jack Lokesak, CSM (r) Walt Howard, COL (r) John Lusa and COL (ret) Bob Wetterstroem at the chapter exhibit.
COL Lusa (left) presents the "Certificate of Appreciation to LTC Tilly.
SSG Wray readies the recruits for the swearing-in ceremony by BG Burcham.
Your Major Samuel Woodfill Chapter is again cited by the Dayton VA Medical Center for its 2012 "Operation Christmas Cheer" that provided grocery gift cards to veterans and their families. William G. Wall, manager of the OEF/OIF Program at the center in awarding the certificate at left to the chapter is quoted as follows: "I wanted to personally thank you for all your work in fund raising and making this year's OPERATION Christmas Cheer an outstanding success. Your hard work and compassion provided the foundation for an enjoyable Christmas holiday for 106 of our Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom veterans and their families. It is an extraordinary blessing to have your chapter's assistance in the work we do with the OEF/ OIF veterans as they make the sometimes arduous journey from combat to community. Your efforts have ensured that the glide path is a little smoother for those we serve."
Chapter Is Cited for Support to Veterans
Fund Drive to Support Injured Warriors Is Successful
The fund raising program to provide $100 Kroger grocery gift certificates to outpatient veterans and soldiers at the Dayton and Cincinnati VA Medical Centers was successful. This year's program, known as "Operation Christmas Cheer," distributed 150 of the certificates.
                Chick-fil-A Eastgate's Fundraiser was among the sources of the funds. On Thursday, December 12, from noon to 8:00 p.m., the restaurant provided 20% of its proceeds during this period.
Tom Sutton, owner and operator of the Chick-fil-A Eastgate, Cincinnati, presented a check for $1627.81 to CSM (r) Walter Howard, the
Tracy Butts, chief, Voluntary Service, Cincinnati VA Medical Center, accepts cards.
Delhi Kroger Manager Ray Brown transfers gift cards to CSM Howard.
CSM Howard and Tom Sutton of Eastgate Chic-fil-A restaurant.
 Congressman and Reservist Brad Wenstrup Luncheon
Rep. Brad Wenstrup is also a surgeon and  serves in the U.S. Army  Reserve as a lieutenant colonel.
Photo by Greg Lynch
Top Army ROTC Cadets from six university-based ROTC battalions were selected by their Professors of Military Science to be honored by AUSA's Major Samuel Woodfill Chapter at an annual dinner.  Unfortunately, the annual awards dinner  was cancelled due to inclement weather.  The awards will be presented by chapter members at each  university's ROTC awards ceremonies during the next several months.
        The awardees and their universities are: Cadet Jamme Schott, University of Cincinnati; Jonathan Pupillo, Central State University; Joseph P. Kearney, University of Dayton; Nicholas Kocher, Ohio University; Trey Westrick, Wright State University, and Ron Longworth, Xavierl University.  
Six Army ROTC Cadets Honored by Chapter
Ohio University: LTC Terry St. Peter, PMS; Top Cadet Nicholas Kocher, awardee, and COL (r) John Lusa, chapter presenter.
University of Dayton: Cadet Joseph P. Kearney receives top cadet award from COL (r) Robertt Wetterstroem, chapter presenter..
Wright State University: Cadet Trey    Westrick receives top cadet award from COL Wetterstroem, chapter presenter.
You are invited to hear this Army hero and distinguished member of the Armed Services and Veteran Affairs committees give insights into Defense and Army programs, 11:30 a.m., Tuesday, April 15, 2014
Our chapter in conjunction with the Military Officer's Association of America is honored and proud to present this distinguished Congressman and war hero.  U.S.Congressman Brad Wenstrup represents Ohio's 2nd Congressional District. The luncheon takes place at the National Exemplar, Mariemont Inn, 6880 Wooster Pike (Rt 50), Mariemont, OH (use Cincinnati with GPS).  Social time is at 11:30 with a noon luncheon. 
                Congressman Wenstrup serves on two important U.S. House committees. As members of the committees on Armed Services and Veteran Affairs he is continually active in the support of the war against terror and reducing the size of government while opposing legislation such as Obamacare. A graduate of the University of Cincinnati he later earned a medical degree.  He established a private practice in Cincinnati and has been treating patients in Southwest Ohio for over 24 years.In 1998, seeing signs of freedom being threatened, Wenstrup accepted an officer's commission with the U.S. Army Reserve, serving in the Medical Service Corps. In 2005, he deployed for a year of active duty in Iraq where he served as a Combat Surgeon with the 344th Combat Support Hospital, earning the Bronze Star and Combat Action Badge. Wenstrup continues his service in the U.S. Army Reserve as a Lieutenant Colonel.
                Make your reservation now. Invite your friends. The luncheon cost is $18 with a selection of Exempler Burger with cheese and bacon, Wooster Roasted Turkey Club or Oven Roasted Turkey Sandwich. All are well garnished. Click here for reservation form.
Sequestration: "biggest danger facing today's military"
by GEN Gordon Sullivan, USA, Ret., president of the Association of the U.S. Army

The biggest danger facing today's military is not terrorism, global instability or the proliferation of weapons. It's the danger of our ignorance if we let history repeat itself. In our zeal to quickly cut federal spending we have accepted an increased level of risk to our national security because of unwillingness by our political leaders to think twice before dropping the ax.
        We've been in this situation before, and we didn't like the outcome. In 1898, then-Brig. Gen. John J. Pershing wrote about the state of post-Civil War defense policies, noting that many people believed there would never be another war. "Pacifism was predominant," he wrote. "As the national debt had grown, partly as a result of pensions, retrenchment had been the political cry of both parties, and appropriations for defense had been constantly reduced. The people throughout the country were almost exclusively occupied with their own personal affairs to the neglect of such considerations. Nobody listened to those who realized the wisdom of maintaining an adequate army and advocated it."
        More than 100 years ago, the siren song of reductions in defense manpower was luring the unsuspecting onto the shoals of unpreparedness for future conflict. Pershing's reflection on post-Civil War defense spending highlights a trend that began just after the American Revolution, and seems to continue driving contemporary decisions. This cycle of readiness followed by unpreparedness has repeated itself all too often throughout our history. Cuts are made with little relationship to reality or logical predictions about future defense requirements. In today's lexicon, those cuts and reductions are called "sequestration." For GEN Sullivan's full text go to: