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ARMY Magazine - May 2004

Volume 54, Number 5

Listed below are selected articles and features of our May 2004 issue. To read all the articles in ARMY Magazine, join AUSA and get a subscription as part of your membership.

Visit the ARMY Magazine Archives for online access to previous issues.

Leadership in Five Seconds
In 1955, a veteran general showed a new lieutenant why it is so important for the Army to send every officer to troop duty and even more important to keep him or her with troops long enough to develop not just an appreciation for what makes soldiers tick, but an intuitive sense for what is going on "below the decks." (5/1/2004)

Kuwait and Iraq Trip Report
Gen. Gordon Sullivan (USA Ret.), the President of AUSA, reports on his visit with the troops in Iraq and Kuwait. (5/1/2004)

Force Planning for Today
Today we are faced with war that may require years of commitment. (5/1/2004)

Army Medical Department Promotes the Readiness of the Force
"The Army Medical Department is committed to excellence and to earning the trust and confidence of our patients, our leaders and the American people." (5/1/2004)

Army Reserve Medics--Serving at War
Army Reserve medics are saving the lives of American soldiers and local civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan. (5/1/2004)

Combat Medics
The Army Medical Department has a long history of support for soldiers on the battlefield, and evacuation and rapid care of battlefield casualties have improved immensely in recent years. This gallery of combat medics--from the Spanish-American War to Operation Iraqi Freedom--chronicles the Army’s care for the wounded. (5/1/2004)

The Surge
As the Army moves thousands of troops into and out of Iraq, the 377th Theater Support Command, a U.S. Army Reserve unit from New Orleans, La., is the muscle behind the rotation and sustainment operations. (5/1/2004)

Last Stop Before Iraq
A live-fire exercise in Kuwait teaches soldiers how best to protect convoys and avoid becoming casualties. (5/1/2004)