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Volume 58, Number 5

Listed below are selected articles and features of our May 2008 issue. To read all the articles in ARMY Magazine, join AUSA and get a subscription as part of your membership.

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Front & Center
Grow the Army
"It has long been apparent to me that long-term commitment to the Army requires, equally, job satisfaction and family satisfaction."

Selected Features
An Enterprise Approach to Logistics
By Lt. Gen. Ann E. Dunwoody
The complex global environment of persistent conflict and rapid change demands a more holistic strategy to sustain the Army—an enterprise approach that encompasses the entire organization, including the relationships among its people, processes, functions and parts.

JRTC Invests in Afghanistan's National Security
By Maj. Robert W. Phillips
The Joint Readiness Training Center at Fort Polk, La., dispatched observer/controllers to eastern Afghanistan to conduct a command post exercise for the 203rd Afghan National Army Corps staff.

The Avghani Model
By Stanley T. Grip Jr.
Their combat advisory role remains traditional, but Green Berets of the 19th Special Forces Group are National Guard soldiers. Bringing maturity and civilian experience to the mission, they fashioned a model foreign internal defense in the Iraqi town of Avghani.

Training the Trainers—The Arch Carpenter Way
By Maj. Gen. Guy S. Meloy, USA Ret.
Capt. Arch Carpenter “trained his lieutenants … by personal and professional example” and a “show-them-once-then-turn-them-loose way.” Recollections of one of those former lieutenants prove they also learned confidence, initiative and common sense.

My Favorite Lion, Maurice Britt
By Lt. Col. Jack C. Mason
Maurice L. Britt, a rookie on the 1941 Detroit Lions team, joined the Army in 1942 and fought in four amphibious missions in Europe before being medically evacuated after the battle of Anzio. Capt. Britt was one of the most decorated soldiers of his time.

CompanyCommand—Building Combat-Ready Teams: Battling Complacency
Company commanders, agreeing that prolonged deployments can breed dangerous complacency, exchange ways they have battled it in their units, including enforcing discipline, setting goals, forcing change and promoting physical activity.