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07/10/2008Not This President's Corner

AUSA sent a legislative alert the other day urging our members to contact members of Congress and tell them to complete action on legislation to reverse the 10.6 percent reduction in Medicare and TRICARE physician payment rates the went into effect on July 1st. Well, yesterday, Congress did just that and now the ball lies in the President’s corner – not this President’s Corner but the one on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue!
06/11/2008A “Presumptive” Long, Hot Summer

Recent congressional inaction has caused a dilemma for the Army. As I have worried aloud before, we are entering the summer—at war—without the proper authorization or appropriation funding to adequately plan and execute the ongoing war on terror, to efficiently conduct Army Transformation programs, or to take care of Soldiers and families. The Memorial Day deadline for congressional action has passed, and there is still no Defense supplemental appropriation bill for the President to sign.
04/28/2008Dollars and Common Sense

I am concerned that the Army may run out of operational funds before the current session of Congress goes on its Memorial Day recess. The game of "playing chicken” with funds for the troops by the two political parties and the White House appears to have begun again in this very political season of nomination politics, party politics and different approaches to support for the ongoing war on terror.
02/14/2008Land Forces Needs in an Era of Persistent Conflict

I want to share with you a column I wrote that appeared in Army Times in its Feb. 18 issue because it puts in focus the needs of all the land forces as continue through this era of “persistent struggle.”
01/04/2008Our Focus for 2008 – AUSA Resolutions

When one tallies up the results of our hard work on our 2008 Resolutions for action by the Congress, we can give ourselves a pat on the back and a good “Hooah” for modest progress. I remain grateful to our members and chapters for actively participating in one of our key grassroots programs in AUSA: the annual compilation of AUSA legislative goals and Army need - our AUSA Resolutions. For 2008, we had the highest chapter participation ever in development of this year’s resolutions. Thanks.
12/21/2007Over There – Christmas 2007

George M. Cohan’s “Over There” was written in the patriotic hubris of WWI. Today at Christmas time, we are over there again. “Over There” is many places for our Army today. As you well know, our Army is engaged in Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan, along with several other locations, in the era of persistent conflict against a heinous enemy intent on destroying our nation and our way of life and principles of freedom.
12/06/2007Pearl Harbor Day: 2007

I have been searching for an appropriate vehicle to help me frame my thoughts regarding the ongoing stand off between the executive and legislative branches over the Defense Budget. Since I was also dealing with the future preparing for our Futures Symposium at El Paso on the eve of the Anniversary of Pearl Harbor we reflected on some parallels between the Army of the 40’s and today.
11/30/2007Congressional Gridlock (again): Impacts on Readiness, Reset, Quality of Life, Family Covenant Actions

The current congressional gridlock on providing timely and adequate emergency supplemental war funding exists because the Congressional leadership keeps trying to force a policy deadline on troop withdrawal. Usually, such issues are determined by military leaders actually in the fight.
11/21/2007Insights from the 53rd Annual Meeting

11/08/2007A Grateful Nation Remembers Its Strength — Our Veterans

As the guardians of our nation’s freedom, American Soldiers are the strength of the nation. After more than six years of war, our Soldiers have proven that it takes boots on the ground to achieve success on today’s battlefields, just as American Soldiers have shown for more than 230 years. In an era of persistent conflict, American Soldiers will remain central to any strategy devised to ensure our national security.
10/23/2007The Army Keeps Rolling Along

09/24/2007The American Soldier—Making the Army Strong

07/26/2007Uncle Sam Needs You!!

While the Army is still ahead of its recruiting goals for the year, missing its numbers for May and June is a reason for concern.
06/03/2007All In

If you liken Iraq and Afghanistan to a game of Texas Hold ‘Em, the United States is “all in.”
04/13/2007Timing is Everything—Supplemental War Funding—A Must

03/15/2007Growing the Army

A glimpse of what our national and congressional leaders need to recognize and consider for our Army of today and of tomorrow.
01/23/2007Keep Your Eyes on the Mission!

Our mission remains to support the Army and its Soldiers.
01/05/2007A New Year: Changes and Challenges

The start of this new year, 2007, brings many changes and challenges for our Army and our Association.
12/20/2006Boots on the Ground, Christmas 2006

This holiday season, as at other times in our nation’s history, our Army is deployed and at war. We have more than 250,000 Soldiers in 75 countries defending the principles of freedom.
11/03/2006Honoring Those Who Served - Veterans Day 2006

The Army Flag carries 178 battle streamers as it passes on parade with the Stars and Stripes in a color guard. Those streamers are both reminders of and a monument to the selfless service to the millions of Soldiers who have served our country.
10/19/2006Critical Messages from Boots on the Ground Forum: A Strong Army

Our largest ever Annual Meeting exceeded all of our expectations in scope, size and strategic outreach in our role as the Voice for the Army in Support for the Soldier.
10/05/2006Boots on the Ground—Annual Meeting 2006

This week we kick off our Annual Meeting with as dynamic and varied an agenda as we have ever had.

Defense of the nation, our freedom and the principles of democracy are shared responsibilities.
06/29/2006Heroes in History and Concern About the Future

Today our Army, at our nation’s 230th birthday this July 4, is still engaged in brutal, daily fights as in World War I and World War II. In this war, as in most of our national wars, the soldiers, “boots on the ground,” carry the day. Today, their engagements are nobly and professionally supported by our wonderful air and naval forces.
06/06/2006An Army at War - Requirements: Capitol Hill Support and Leadership

It is absolutely imperative that as Congress reconvenes this week, the Emergency Supplemental Bill be passed this week .
05/23/2006Don’t Forget the Present and the Future

During times of remembrance, most often the focus is on deeds and wars, and the veterans who accomplished so much on our behalf through their commitment to duty. Today, let us remember that this commitment to duty is still being made by service members across the world.
04/13/2006People, Readiness and Future Force

This is the time of the year when AUSA turns its focus on the Annual Meeting and, in particular, the Resolutions process that drives our legislative agenda for the upcoming year.
03/10/2006Much Good News in Budget, but Some Concerns as well.

There is a great deal of good news in this year's Army budget requestion -- things that you can reach out and touch, but we also have concerns over TRICARE fee increases for military retirees who are under 65 and their families. There is also good news for AUSA. For the first time, your Association has stood up a chapter in theater of operation. Soldiers, Department of the Army civilians and contractors now have a chapter of their own in Kuwait.
01/18/2006Army Expects Busy Year in 2006

To have a campaign-quality force with joint and expeditionary capabilities, the Army must be better resourced and fully manned.
12/20/2005Christmas Message

Our soldiers will observe the holiday season in over 120 countries around the world again this year.
11/07/2005Nation Pauses to Remember Service of Its Veterans

We are coming upon one of the most important days of the year – Veterans' Day – where we as a nation pause and recall the service of millions of men and women to their nation.
08/25/2005How You Can Help Our Army

AUSA members can help by speaking publicly about soldiers, the Army and the values those soldiers live and the Army espouses.
06/30/2005Service to the Nation

As the nation marks Independence Day, it is the appropriate time to reflect on the sacrifices that patriots then and now have made to establish the United States, and the price that has been paid to keep it free and united.
06/06/2005Army Has Answered Nation’s Call to Duty for 230 Years

Army Has Answered Nation’s Call to Duty for 230 Years
05/24/2005BRAC is a Big Deal for Today’s and Tomorrow’s Army

BRAC is a Big Deal for Today’s and Tomorrow’s Army
05/09/2005Freedom Team Salutes Honors ‘Unsung Heroes’ Who Support Our Soldiers

Freedom Team Salutes Honors ‘Unsung Heroes’ Who Support Our Soldiers
04/11/2005Recognizing Sgt. 1st Class Paul Smith’s Heroism, Selfless Service

Recognizing Sgt. 1st Class Paul Smith’s Heroism, Selfless Service
03/09/2005Good News for Army on Supplemental, But...

Good news for Army on supplemental, but watch what happens with CBO report.
01/28/2005Distressing & Perplexing

Distressing & Perplexing
01/12/20052005: Opportunities and Challenges

2005: Opportunities and Challenges
12/21/2004Holiday Greetings 2004

Holiday Greetings 2004
11/03/2004Terrific Annual Meeting Following Success on Capitol Hill

Terrific Annual Meeting Following Success on Capitol Hill
09/02/2004Hill Still Has Work to Do on Pressing Soldier, Family Issues

Hill Still Has Work to Do on Pressing Soldier, Family Issues
06/29/2004Thanks for Hard Work on Defense Spending Bill

Thanks for Hard Work on Defense Spending Bill
06/02/2004An Appropriate Time to Reflect On Our Nation at War

An Appropriate Time to Reflect On Our Nation at War
04/22/2004Symposium Showcases Logistics Contributions to War on Terror

What we have seen our Army doing each and every day in Afghanistan, Iraq and around the world is truly amazing.
03/09/2004Winter Symposium Growing In Size, Professional Development

Your Association completed in early March its most successful symposium and exposition at Fort Lauderdale, Fla.
02/09/2004Some Good Things, Some Concerns in Budget Request

DoD’s Fiscal Year 2005 budget request has some very good news for service members and families, but it also raises some concerns that your Association will track in this session of Congress.
12/31/2003New Year's Resolutions

Dawning of new year an appropriate time to reflect on events of the year past and look ahead.
12/22/2003TIME’s person of the year - the "American Soldier."

The ‘American Soldier’ was the right choice for TIME’s person of the year.
11/24/2003Much Good News in Authorization Bill

AUSA takes pride in what we helped accomplish for coming year
10/28/2003AUSA Calls for Increase in Active Force

Resolutions seek 50,000 increase in active force, increased spending for guard, reserve
09/02/2003A Very Special Annual Meeting

Welcoming a New Chief and “The Army – At War and Transforming”
07/22/2003End Strength

End Strength
07/07/2003July Is Month of Anniversaries

July Is Month of Anniversaries
06/09/2003Two Tax Bills Very Important to Soldiers, Families

Two Tax Bills Very Important to Soldiers, Families
05/29/2003Thanks for the Memories, Bob Hope

Thanks for the Memories, Bob Hope
05/08/2003Take Pride in What Our Service Members Have Done

Take Pride in What Our Service Members Have Done
04/25/2003A Properly Funded Future

A Properly Funded Future
04/02/2003A Visit to Walter Reed

A Visit to Walter Reed
03/20/2003Now More Than Ever

We must all work together so that soldiers know that AUSA supports them, their mission and their families unequivocally, as we always have.
03/07/2003AUSA -- Telling the Army Story

Though conferences, publications and media and congressional relations, AUSA helps the Army tells its story in terms of people, readiness and transformation.
02/01/2003Winter Symposium - The Excitement Continues

The 2003 Winter Symposium and Exhibition builds on the excitement generated by the 2002 Annual Meeting. Membership increases in all categories continue.
01/17/2003New Year Off to Good Start

On two fronts - closing the pay gap and Army aviation - 2003 has gotten off to a good start.
12/01/2002We Count Our Blessings This Holiday Season

As we head into the holiday season and the new year, we need to remember the men and women of our magnificent Army who are deployed around the world combating terrorism.
11/13/20022002 Annual Meeting -- A Hooah Event

AUSA's 2002 Annual Meeting was a great success featuring 28,000 attendees, 600 exhibits and Army leadership addresses. The 2003 meeting promises to be another triumph.
09/06/2002Issues in Post-Conflict Iraq

Letter to the editor in response to New York Times editorial "A Wider Role in Afghanistan."
07/17/2002AUSA Sets Star Chapter Record

In June, a record 65 chapters achieved "star" status. In addition, individual membership surpassed 100,000. At all levels, AUSA is making "Voice for the Army -- Support for the Soldier" a reality.
05/23/2002Remarks From Armor Conference

Army transformation is a very topical and timely issue, given the recent Crusader episode and the designation of Fort Knox as the Maneuver Battle Lab.
04/29/2002A Knowledge-Based Network Centric Army is the Objective Force

Recent AUSA symposia reflect the Army's need to grasp the power of information technology to make Transformation happen.
03/15/2002Positive Energy Invades AUSA

The Association is off to a great start to 2002 as programs kick into high gear.
01/15/2002Reflections at Year’s End

2001 was a challenging year for our country and certainly an atypical one for our Association. But AUSA is not standing still.
12/14/2001AUSA and President in Agreement on National Security Issues

President Bush's 11 Dec. speech on the future of national security show consistency with AUSA's commitment to improving military quality of life and reshaping the armed forces.
10/10/2001AUSA Continues Support of The Army

Though the 47th Annual Meeting has been suspended, AUSA continues to support the Army as it engages in the war against terrorism.
07/01/2001Murtha Encourages Closing the Pay Gap

Rep. John Murtha's (D-Pa.) letter to Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld urging the Administration to incorporate across the board pay raises in the FY 2002 defense budget supplement.
06/01/2001Another View

Why skipping a generation of weapon systems is not a good idea.
03/21/2001Strength Through Members

The size of membership is important as AUSA advocates a better quality of life for the military.
01/15/2001Annual report to the AUSA volunteer leadership

AUSA's 2001 Objectives