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ARMY Magazine - August 2001

Volume 51, Number 8

Listed below are selected articles and features of our August 2001 issue. To read all the articles in ARMY Magazine, join AUSA and get a subscription as part of your membership.

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Korean War at 50/ August 1951 (08/01/2001)
August 1951 Timeline

Future Battle Command: Where Information Technology, Doctrine and Organization Meet (08/01/2001)
The Army needs to take advantage of today's high-speed information technology to better run its corps and divisions.

Roving Sands 2001 (08/01/2001)
U.S. and allied units staged the world's largest air defense exercise centered around Fort Bliss, Texas, and White Sands Missile Range, N.M.

"You'll Always Be With the Unit and Never Get Old" New Mexico Guard Soldiers: Handing Down a Proud Heritage (08/01/2001)
The 200th Air Defense Artillery traces its history back to World War II's Philippine defense and the Bataan Death March, and unit pride is passed from generation to generation.

Patriot Light: Trimming Down and Pumping up for Army Transformation (08/01/2001)
The Army tested the prototype Patriot Light, a smaller and more transportable version of the Patriot air defense system.

21st Century Leadership Competencies (08/01/2001)
History proves that leaders with values, adaptability and self-awareness are the key to Army transformation.

Making Close Supporting Fires Happen (08/01/2001)
Field Artillery is still intent on delivering devastating fire support for tactical maneuver. However, addressing its ability to do so, especially in training, is not just a Field Artillery issue.

The Army Launches an Attack-Focused Doctrine for the Joint Fight (08/01/2001)
The Army's new field manuals, FM 1, The Army, and FM 3-0, Operations, present the most radical change since AirLand Battle doctrine and spell out how the Army will meet the challenges of the future.

Training and Assessing Tomorrow¹s Leaders: U.S. Army ROTC Advanced Camp 2000 (08/01/2001)
Cadets from across the country, and farther afield, came to Fort Lewis, Wash., to train together in one common Army experience. 

The National D-Day Memorial Gets a Hometown (08/01/2001)
The national tribute to the men who stormed ashore on the beaches of Normandy is appropriately placed in the town of Bedford, Va., which gave 23 of her sons to the cause of freedom.

Letters (08/01/2001)
LETTERS August 2001

Washington Report (08/01/2001)

Humvee Fleet Update (08/01/2001)

Book Reviews (08/01/2001)
REVIEWS/August 2001

News Call (08/01/2001)
NEWS CALL/August 2001