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ARMY Magazine - August 2005

Volume 55, Number 8

Listed below are selected articles and features of our August 2005 issue. To read all the articles in ARMY Magazine, join AUSA and get a subscription as part of your membership.

Visit the ARMY Magazine Archives for online access to previous issues.

Front & Center
Army Recruiting Crisis: Problems, Responses and Prognosis
To fight the global war on terror, the Army needs new recruiting concepts methods and incentives. (8/1/2005)

Selected Features
Deterrence Posture and the Islamic World: Thirteen Presumptions Questioned
Deterrence-based policies are worthy of consideration—at least in some cases—in fighting a war in the Middle East. (8/1/2005)

Architect of the Future
Much like a good architect, TRADOC is leading the Army in articulating a vision of future warfare by describing required capabilities and creating synergy in joint and Army operations. (8/1/2005)

FCS Update: FCS Battle Command
In a cooperative program, multiple companies are linking 18 different systems to one network that will support every warrior on the battlefield. (8/1/2005)

CompanyCommand--Building Combat Ready Teams: Relinquishing Command
Company Commanders in the field answer the question, "What was the most important thing you did in your last 90 days of command to set up the incoming commander and the unit for success?" (8/1/2005)