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DeCA News Archive

Military Children are ‘Cream of the Crop’ (07/07/2008)

Sakowitz is New DeCA Director (06/11/2008)

Army Marks 233rd Anniversary; Commissaries Still Serving (06/10/2008)

Incoming Director Sets Mandate: ‘Commissary ... It’s Worth the trip’ (05/30/2008)

DeCA and MHSAP Announce New Partnership to Emphasize the Link Between Physical and Psychological Health (05/30/2008)

One Million Reusable Commissary Shopping Bags and Counting (05/19/2008)

Customers are Reading Product Labels and Making Healthier Choices When They Shop (05/08/2008)

DeCA Websites Provides Health and Wellness Information Forum (05/06/2008)

DeCA Offers On-Site Sales for Guard, Reserve Shoppers (04/18/2008)

Thousands Flock to Commissary in its Return to Fort Worth (04/14/2008)

A Commissary Customer Favorite on Tap for May (04/14/2008)

Commissary Patron Council Brings Benefit into Focus (04/07/2008)

Commissaries Highlighting Food Safety (04/02/2008)

‘Be Food Safe’ Helps Prevent Foodborne Illnesses (04/02/2008)

Commissaries Partner with Military OneSource to Promote Better Health Habits (03/26/2008)

Recall of John Morrell Beef Bacon (03/25/2008)

DeCA Implements UPC Lockout to Help Prevent Purchases of Recalled Products (03/12/2008)

DeCA, Industry Partner to Extend Commissary Benefit to Guard, Reserve Members (02/26/2008)
The Defense Commissary Agency is striving to deliver the commissary benefit to geographically separated Reserve and National Guard members and their families throughout America.

DeCA Receives ‘Clean’ Audit for Sixth Straight Year (02/26/2008)
The Defense Commissary Agency has been delivering the benefit to U.S. military members and their families for the past 16 years. And, for the past six, DeCA has done so while also managing to prove that it is among DoD’s best in accounting for its budget.

Reusable bags flying off commissary shelves (02/26/2008)
The new, reusable bags being sold at commissaries worldwide as part of the Defense Commissary Agency’s “Go Green” initiative are so popular they’re flying off the shelves.

Surf the Internet and ‘Discover Your Benefit’ (01/29/2008)
Find convenience and the latest information at your fingertips at the Defense Commissary Agency’s new and improved website:

DeCA’s Got Recycling in the Bag (01/22/2008)
Reusable cloth bags are fast replacing “paper or plastic” as the choice for commissary customers. The reusable bags, which cost 70 cents each, were introduced into commissaries in October and since then customers have purchased nearly 270,000 at stores worldwide.

Smart Shopping Makes Sense at the Commissary (01/14/2008)
When trying to lose weight, lower cholesterol, manage diabetes, manage blood pressure, or just make healthy choices, shopping for food can be a real challenge. Pick up almost any food in the commissary, read the label and you are likely to see one or more symbols on the label promoting health benefits related to the food. Each symbol indicates that the food may be a healthful choice, yet each symbol has different nutrient requirements.

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