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2007 DeCA News Archive

Commissaries ‘Going Green’ with Goal to Sell 1 Million Fluorescent Light Bulbs (01/14/2008)
Want to use up to 75 percent less energy every time you turn on a lamp and save money on your energy bills at the same time? It’s as easy as unscrewing your incandescent light bulb and replacing it with a compact fluorescent light bulb – those long-lasting, swirl-shaped bulbs found in the household goods aisle at your commissary.

Commissaries Accept AFFN ‘Thank You’ Cards (11/28/2007)
The Defense Commissary Agency now accepts the Armed Forces Financial Network “Thank You” card at all commissaries stateside and overseas.

More Choices for Gluten-Free Diets (11/26/2007)
Gluten is a sticky protein found in wheat, rye and barley and other related grains which gives dough elasticity and strength. People who are gluten-intolerant need to avoid products that contain gluten, or suffer undesirable consequences.

DeCA Pulls Certain Pediatric Cold Medicines (10/23/2007)

Advisory Shifts to Recall as Commissaries Add Banquet Beef Pot Pies to Removal List (10/23/2007)
ConAgra Foods shifted its consumer advisory to a voluntary recall of frozen pot pies because of possible salmonella contamination, according to a U.S. Department of Agriculture announcement on Oct. 11.

Online Coupons Save Time and Money (10/01/2007)
September is National Coupon Month, and DeCA wants to remind all patrons that your commissary gladly accepts manufacturer’s coupons for the products it sells.

Check for Counterfeit Coupons Before Shopping (09/19/2007)
Using coupons is a great way for patrons to stretch their military paychecks even further, beyond the 30 percent or more savings they already enjoy by shopping at a commissary. But “fake” or counterfeit coupons are causing problems for unwitting commissary shoppers worldwide. These fakes, which look legitimate, harm the commissary benefit for all shoppers.

Commissary Case Lot Sale Shoppers Swarm their Stores for Worldwide Event (09/11/2007)
If you clip coupons till the Sunday paper looks like Swiss cheese, you might be a commissary shopper. If you are so good at managing your grocery budget you have extra money in your checking account, you might be a commissary shopper. If you have ever gotten up at dawn and waited in line to buy bargains in bulk, you just may be a commissary shopper of the case lot sale variety.

Commissary ‘couponing’ 101 (09/05/2007)
During National Coupon Month this September, DeCA wants to remind all patrons that their commissary gladly accepts manufacturer’s coupons for the products it sells.

Back to School with a Lunch Box Full of Food Safety (09/05/2007)
With the budding Einsteins at your house settling into their daily school routine, take a few minutes to refresh yourself on the rules of keeping food safe, especially as they apply to bag lunches.

Commissary Agency Awarded for Innovation, Excellence in its Business Practices (09/04/2007)
The Defense Commissary Agency received the “Check It Award of Excellence” from Deputy Secretary of Defense Gordon England for the agency’s outstanding efforts in DoD’s “Check It” Internal Management Control Awareness campaign. The award presentation took place during a ceremony Aug. 3 at the Pentagon.

Do You Really Understand the Nutrition Information on Food Labels? (08/13/2007)
Pick up almost any food in the commissary and you are likely to see one or more symbols on the label promoting health benefits related to the food. Each symbol indicates that the food is a healthful choice, yet each symbol has different nutrient requirements. Food manufacturers and health organizations have created labels to promote prevention and disease management to guide shoppers in making choices.

Stringent Inspections Ensure Safety, Security of Commissary Products (07/09/2007)
Recently, an incident was reported in the civilian media regarding the purchase of an apparently tainted meat product at Homestead Air Reserve Base, Fla. That report incorrectly stated that this meat had been obtained from the commissary thus calling into question the safety of the food supply available to service members and their families.

Product Recalls Keep Food Supply Safe (06/20/2007)
The Defense Commissary Agency understands customers’ concerns regarding food safety and is committed to providing a safe and secure shopping environment for its patrons.

Online Health and Wellness Forum Puts Customers in Touch with DeCA Dietitian (05/07/2007)
Defense Commissary Agency officials are excited to announce the start of a new, interactive health and wellness page on the agency’s Web site, The forum, hosted by DeCA dietitian Maj. Karen Fauber, is scheduled to “go live” May 14.

DECA Announces Best Commissary Winners
Five commissaries were honored as DeCA’s best during the Defense Commissary Agency’s 2007 Conference and Training Event in Richmond, Va., April 24.