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2006 AAFES News Archive

Troop Support Hits Record High
According to the military command in charge of providing access to items of necessity and convenience to military families the world over, support for America’s troops is at an all time high.

AAFES Lets Customers ‘TAKE IT HOME TODAY!’ (11/02/2006)
The Army & Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) is expanding its “TAKE IT HOME TODAY!” initiative, which puts items of necessity and convenience immediately into the hands of military families the world over.

AAFES and Privacy Matters (05/31/2006)
Widespread reports concerning identity theft have prompted many past and present military members to reevaluate the security of their personal information.

Save by Combining Trips to the Commissary and Exchange (04/26/2006)
According to a recent survey released by the Urban Land Institute, more than 80 percent of American drivers say they now combine trips to save gas.

Get Paid for Shopping Online as a “Mystery Shopper” (04/18/2006)
The Army & Air Force Exchange Service is reenergizing its focus on delivering exceptional customer service by upgrading its “Mystery Shopper” program.

POGs, Gift Certificates that Make Cents (04/03/2006)
ID card? Check. Protective gear? Check. Plastic coins? Check. Shopping in a war zone presents its own challenges, not the least of which is the weight of traditional currency.

AAFES Restricts Purchased Medicines Containing Dextromethorphan (02/06/2006)
As of Jan. 24 AAFES is voluntarily limiting sales of products with DXM to customers over the age of 18.