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AUSA Chapters Support Soldiers and Families over Holiday Season

Many of AUSA’s Chapters were busy this holiday season providing support to Soldiers, veterans and family members. We’d like to highlight the efforts of the General Vessey Chapter, which hosted several Christmas events for military personnel and their families located in the Minneapolis area. The Chapter hosted a Christmas Party for eighteen combat injured military personnel recovering at the Poly-Trauma unit of the Minneapolis VA Medical Center. Not only are these Servicemembers recovering from injury but also they and their families are displaced and sometimes dealing with financial hardship. The Chapter distributed gifts and cards to the recovering Soldiers and Marines as well as toys for children. The Chapter also sponsored a Christmas Party for over forty children of A Company, 34th Infantry Division STB. Over 200 Soldiers and their family members attended the holiday party and the children received gifts gathered through the Chapter’s Toys4MilitaryKids program. Learn more about the General Vessey Chapter at

While Christmas is certainly a busy time for AUSA Chapters we also know that Chapters work hard all year round to support Soldiers and families. A recent article in the Austin American Statesman showcased the work of AUSA’s Fort Hood Chapter and the Adopt-A-Unit Program. The program, coordinated through the Fort Hood Chapter, encourages businesses and individuals to “adopt” units and provide them with support, letters and care packages. Learn more about the Chapter’s work at

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of AUSA’s Chapters for their continued support for Soldiers and families. To learn more about AUSA’s Chapters and to locate your nearest Chapter, please visit