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AAFES Complimentary Messaging System Ideal for Reaching Troops

Delivering a message to local military communities is easier than ever before thanks to the Army & Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) Radio Network. Thoughts of appreciation and gratitude, an announcement welcoming deployed troops home, information on upcoming base or post activities and much more can be communicated through the proprietary in-store radio.

In addition to being an extremely valuable marketing tool, AAFES Radio can also relay complimentary command information to troops and their Families. By leveraging this outlet, local and regional commanders can communicate directly with their installation simply by calling in and recording a message. Other on-base organizations, such as Family Readiness Groups and Family Support Centers, may also submit a copy of a proposed message to their local General Manager, who will work with AAFES Radio to have it recorded.

“Since virtually everyone on the base or post frequents the BX/PX at some point, AAFES Radio is a terrific avenue to reach an extremely wide and diverse audience,” said AAFES Chief Marketing Officer Richard Sheff.

Base/post officials can record announcements by simply sending the following information to

Name/rank/title/base or post
Phone # (commercial preferred for better audio quality)

Date/time to contact (Central time)

AAFES Radio is broadcast to more than 600 locations worldwide, including the United States, Europe, Korea and Japan with plans in place for installation in Kuwait and Iraq. With a potential monthly listenership of more than 20 million, AAFES Radio’s music format is a mix of Top 40, R&B, adult contemporary, light rock, oldies and country.