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One Million Reusable Commissary Shopping Bags and Counting

It’s official. Commissary customers have purchased more than 1 million reusable shopping bags sold at commissaries worldwide.

“Our customers’ demand for these bags validated our decision to offer an alternative to plastic or paper,” said Agency Acting Director Rick Page. “It also encourages us to continue seeking out additional ways to preserve the Earth’s natural resources under our Go Green initiatives.”

The popular green bags, which were introduced last October, cost 70 cents each, are made of sturdy mesh and are strong enough to hold up to 30 pounds of groceries. The bags are machine washable and can be recycled when no longer usable.

In addition to the reusable bags sold at commissaries, you have other options when shopping at your commissary. Use your own reusable bags or bring clean, sturdy paper or plastic bags to the commissary for reuse in bagging your groceries. All recycled paper or plastic bags brought into the commissary for use must be clean and undamaged and can only be used for your purchases. Whichever option you choose, just present your bags to your bagger when you reach the cashier.

To purchase the reusable bag, look for the bag racks at your commissary or ask your cashier for them at checkout.

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