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DeCA Offers On-Site Sales for Guard, Reserve Shoppers

The Defense Commissary Agency is hitting the road to bring the commissary benefit to members of the National Guard and Reserve living in areas where DeCA does not have brick and mortar commissaries. Stateside, 54 percent of Reserve and National Guard units are located more than 20 miles away from a commissary.

“The 2004 National Defense Authorization Act authorized full commissary benefits for members of the Ready Reserve,” said DeCA Acting Director Rick Page. “Since that time, DeCA has introduced numerous initiatives designed to encourage and enable Guard and Reserve members to use their commissary benefit. Through our new “Bringing the Benefit to You” campaign, we are reaching out to our Guard and Reserve members who have earned the commissary benefit, but who cannot easily travel to a local store to shop on a regular basis.”

“Bringing the Benefit to You” includes taking a bit of the commissary itself to Guard and Reserve units through on-site truckload case-lot sales. During 2007, DeCA held on-site sales at 21 Guard and Reserve locations. Thus far in 2008, on-site sales at 11 locations have served more than 5,000 customers.

“DeCA is exploring ways to increase the locations and frequency for the on-site sales, without increasing the overall cost of the commissary benefit,” Page said. “We identify demographic areas highly populated with Guard and Reserve personnel, to better arrange location and frequency of on-site sales.”

Additional initiatives being considered include Internet-based ordering from individual Guard and Reserve unit members that are delivered via truckload sales and combining sales efforts with military exchanges.

In addition to supporting Guard and Reserve members, these sales are open to all authorized commissary customers. For a schedule of on-site sales in your area, visit DeCA’s Web site at