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Legislative Newsletter - Archives

The AUSA Government Affairs Directorate's weekly electronic newsletter, Legislative Newsletter, is published every Friday that Congress is in session.

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Legislative News - June 30, 2008 (06/30/2008)
  • War Supplemental Spending Bill Signed by President
  • Congress Fails to Fix Medicare Payment Rates
  • FCS Restructure receives support from Defense Secretary and Key Congressman

  • Legislative News - June 23, 2008 (06/23/2008)
  • House Passes War Spending Bill. Senate to Vote this Week
  • What about the Rest of the Defense Bills?

  • Legislative News - June 9, 2008 (06/10/2008)
  • AUSA Presents the Outstanding Legislator Award to Reyes and Hunter
  • Another Week Passes with No Supplemental Spending Bill
  • Congressional Staff Members Hear Latest Information on IEDs
  • Noted with Interest

  • Legislative News - May 27, 2008 (06/02/2008)
  • House Passes Defense Authorization Bill
  • Senate Approves War Funds
  • Senate Holds Confirmation Hearing for Petraeus and Odierno
  • President Will Sign Bill Providing Tax Breaks to Service Members

  • Legislative News - May 19, 2008
  • The Best-Laid Plans...
  • House Set to Pass Defense Authorization Bill
  • May 26, 2008 - Memorial Day

  • Legislative News - May 12, 2008 (05/12/2008)
  • Armed Services Military Personnel Subcommittee Rejects TRICARE Fee Increases
  • House Delays Action on War Spending Bill
  • Immediate Action Needed to Stop Medicare/TRICARE Physician Fee Cuts

  • Legislative News - May 5, 2008 (05/05/2008)
  • AUSA Supports the Post 9/11 Veterans Educational Assistance Act
  • Senate Committee Passes FY09 Authorization Bill
  • No Agreement reached on Supplemental Spending Bill

  • Legislative News - April 28, 2008 (04/28/2008)
  • Senate Passes the Veterans’ Benefits Enhancement Act of 2007
  • House Panel Widens Probe on Quality of Military Recruits
  • The Week Ahead

  • Legislative News - April 21, 2008 (04/21/2008)
  • TRICARE Fees, Military Retirement Topics at Personnel Subcommittee Hearing
  • Fights Looms as Congress Tackles Emergency War Funding
  • AUSA Working to Preserve Retiree Benefits
  • AUSA Supports the United States Army Commemorative Coin Act of 2008

  • Legislative News - April 14, 2008 (04/14/2008)
  • Future Combat System Demonstration Held on Capitol Hill
  • Senate Panel Hears Testimony on State of Iraq
  • New GI Bill Legislation Expected to Move Forward

  • Legislative News - April 7, 2008 (04/07/2008)
  • AUSA Provides Testimony for Joint VA Hearing
  • Army's Vice Chief of Staff: Timely Funding Needed
  • Chiefs of Reserve Components Testify before House Readiness Subcommittee

  • Legislative News - March 17,2008
  • Key Subcommittee Not in Favor of Increased TRICARE Fees
  • Budget and Appropriations Process 101
  • Economic Stimulus Payments: Information for Recipients of Veterans' Benefits

  • Legislative News - March 10, 2008 (03/10/2008)
  • House and Senate Authorizers Reject TRICARE Fees Increases
  • Eliminating the pay gap and barring any TRICARE fee increases are top priorities for AUSA
  • Army Deputy Chief of Staff: $250-$260 Billion Needed per Year

  • Legislative News - March 3, 2008 (03/03/2008)
  • Army Secretary and Chief of Staff Testify on the State of the Army and Budget
  • Quality of Military Recruits Questioned During Hearing
  • Just the Facts

  • Legislative News - February 19, 2008 (02/19/2008)
  • AUSA President: America's Land Forces Must Grow Immediately to Meet Range of Threats
  • Treatment of Wounded Soldiers Subject at Senate Hearing
  • House Appropriators Set to Move War Spending Legislation

  • Legislative News - February 11, 2008 (02/15/2008)
  • AUSA President Discusses Budget, End Strength with Key Lawmakers
  • President Releases Budget Request for Fiscal 2009
  • Defense Secretary to Hill: Quick Action Needed on Emergency Supplemental
  • House Passes Amendment to Lower College Tuition for Military Children

  • Legislative News - February 4, 2008 (02/04/2008)
  • AUSA + 1st Session, 110th Congress = Some Good News, But...
  • FY08 NDAA Provision Requires Roles and Mission Review
  • Commission on the National Guard and Reserve Releases Report

  • Legislative News - January 28, 2008 (01/30/2008)
  • AUSA President Meets with Rep. Norm Dicks
  • Commission on the National Guard and Reserves to Release Report this Week
  • Veterans' Disability Benefits Topic at Senate Hearing

  • Legislative News - January 22, 2008 (01/23/2008)
  • Army Chief of Staff: Four Years to Put Army "Back in Balance"
  • FY08 Defense Authorization Bill Passes House Again
  • Emergency Funding for VA Released

  • Legislative News - November 19, 2007
  • Defense Secretary: Layoffs Ahead if War Spending Legislation is Not Passed
  • Houses Passes War Funding Bill. Measure Stalls in Senate
  • Army Chief of Staff Provides Stark Assessment of Future
  • Army Secretary Addresses Health Care and Contracting During Hearing

  • Legislative News - November 15, 2007
  • Members and Staff Visit AUSA Annual Meeting
  • AUSA on the Hill
  • Senate Passes Authorization and Appropriations Bills for Fiscal 2008
  • Veterans' Disability Benefits Commission Releases Report

  • Legislative News - July 16, 2007
  • Senate Confirms Geren as Secretary of the Army
  • Iraqi War Dominates Hill Debate
  • Army Vice Chief of Staff: Army Too Small
  • Did you know…

  • Legislative News - July 2, 2007
  • AUSA President reminds Hill that National Defense is Shared Responsibility
  • House Panel Hears Testimony about Army’s Medical Action Plan
  • Military Personnel Compensation Studied
  • House Approved Pay Raise for Civilians
  • Did You Know…

  • Legislative News - June 25, 2007
  • AUSA on the Hill
  • Army Secretary Nominee Testifies at Confirmation Hearing
  • AUSA Examines Army’s Medical Action Plan

  • Legislative News - June 18, 2007
  • Healthcare Task Force Releases Interim Report
  • Mental Health Topic at Press Briefing
  • Tax Relief Legislation Introduced

  • Legislative News - May 29, 2007
  • Supplemental Spending Bill Passed. Signed by President
  • End Strength Increase, Boost to Future Combat System Funding and Rejection of TRICARE Fee Increases Approved by Key Panel

  • Legislative News - May 21, 2007
  • 101 Days and No Supplemental!
  • Panel Passes Legislation that would Help Veterans
  • May 28, 2007 - Memorial Day

  • Legislative News - May 14, 2007
    • Fiscal 2007 Emergency Supplemental Bill
    • Fiscal 2008 Defense Authorization Bill
    • AUSA Staff Members Attend the 2007 Reserve Component Senior Enlisted Advisor Roundtable

    Legislative News - May 7, 2007
    • Personnel Subcommittee Approves Key Issues
    • FY07 Supplemental Update
    • The Wounded Warrior Assistance Act of 2007 Introduced

    Legislative News - April 30, 2007
    • FY 2007 Emergency Supplemental Bill Passes. President Promises Veto
    • Chairman of Airland Subcommittee: Army “Under Severe Stress”
    • New Legislation Spotlight

    Legislative News - April 23, 2007
    • AUSA President Testifies on Global Warming’s Impact on National Security
    • You Asked
    • Guardsmen/Reservists can now Request USERRA Assistance Online

    Legislative News - April 16, 2007
    • AUSA President to Congress: “Complete action on the 2007 Emergency Supplemental Appropriations Bill immediately”
    • AUSA on the Hill
    • Pentagon Outlines New Deployment Policy
    • Independent Review Group Releases Interim Report on Walter Reed

    Legislative News - April 2, 2007
    • AUSA President Meets with DoD Health Affairs Nominee
    • Army Recruiting/End Strength Topic at Personnel Hearing
    • Fiscal 2007 Emergency Supplemental Heads to Conference
    • National Guard Chief: Only 12 Percent of Army Guard Units are Equipped to Acceptable Levels

    Legislative News - March 26, 2007
    • AUSA on the Hill
    • Legislation to End DIC/SBP Offset Introduced
    • Houses Passes Emergency Supplemental Spending Bill
    • House Panel Passes the Wounded Warrior Assistance Act of 2007

    Legislative News - March 12, 2007
    • House Leaders Release Details of 2007 Emergency Spending Bill
    • Walter Reed Fallout Continues
    • Congress Holds Hearings

    Legislative News - March 2, 2007
    • The Military Coalition Testifies before House Personnel Committee
    • Commission on the National Guard and Reserves Release Report

    Legislative News - February 16, 2007
    • AUSA on the Hill
    • Army Chief of Staff: Troop Surge Erodes Readiness
    • House Defense Subcommittee Chairman Outlines Plans to Stop Troop Surge

    Legislative News - February 9, 2007
    • President’s Budget Request Goes to Congress
    • Retirees/Veterans would see Fee Increases in Budget
    • New Legislation Spotlight

  • Legislative News - February 2, 2007
    • BRAC Funding Axed by House
    • Casey Expected to be Confirmed by Senate

    Legislative News - January 26, 2007
    • Army Chief of Staff: “The Military Construction Bill Must Pass Now”
    • $70 Billion to Increase Active Force

    Legislative News - January 19, 2007
    • Bill Introduced to Block TRICARE Fee Increases
    • More Details on Army End Strength Increase
    • Did You Know…

    Legislative News - January 5, 2007
    • A New Year and a New Congress
    • Nine spending bills left over from the 109th Congress!
    • Iraq
    • Emergency Supplemental Spending Bill
    • President’s Fiscal 2008 Budget

    Legislative News - December 22, 2006
    • President Bush Calls for Larger Army
    • Army End Strength Topic at Guard/Reserve Commission Hearing
    • Addressing Mental Health Needs ‘Integral Part of Readiness,’ AUSA President Tells DoD Task Force
    • Legislation for Veterans Passes

    Legislative News - December 8, 2006
    • AUSA on the Hill
    • Lawmakers Agree on Provision to Prevent Medicare/Tricare Cut, but Obstacles Remain
    • Military Construction/VA Spending Bill Stalled
    • Gates Confirmed to be the 22nd Secretary of Defense
    • Noted with Interest

    Legislative News - November 17, 2006
    • Democrats will Lead House and Senate. Gates Nominated to Lead Pentagon
    • Mid-term elections
    • Rumsfeld Departure
    • AUSA 2007 Legislative Agenda
    • AUSA Hosts Several key Committee Staffers
    • Senate Approves Fiscal 2007 Military Construction and Veterans Affairs Spending Bill
    • Another $75 Billion for the Military
    • Noted with Interest

    Legislative News - October 2, 2006
    • Fiscal 2007 Defense Appropriations and Authorizations Bill Clear Congress
    • Seen and Heard

    Legislative News - September 22, 2006
    • AUSA President to New York Times: “Army is too Small”
    • Agreement Reached on FY07 Defense Appropriations Bill
    • Legislation Targeting Unscrupulous Financial and Insurance Companies Clears Congress
    • Seen and Heard

    Legislative News - September 15, 2006
    • AUSA on the Hill
    • Defense Authorization Negotiations Almost Complete
    • 53 Days until Election Day. Are You Ready to Vote?
    • Seen and Heard

    Legislative News - September 8, 2006
    • Defense Spending Bill Passes Senate!
    • President Bush: “Withdrawal of U.S. troops in Iraq would be a victory for al Qaeda terrorists worldwide.”
    • AUSA on the Hill
    • Seen and Heard

    Legislative News - August 4, 2006
    • Defense Appropriations Bill Delayed
    • Benefits Package for Veterans Passes
    • Seen and Heard

    Legislative News - July 28, 2006 (07/28/2006)
    • AUSA Recognizes Senators as Outstanding Legislators
    • Army Faces Critical Budget Crunch
    • AUSA President Discusses Army Problems with Key Lawmaker
    • Seen and Heard

    Legislative News - July 21, 2006
    • Congressional Staff Visit Medical Symposium
    • National Guard and Reserve Commission Hold Hearing

    Legislative News - July 14, 2006
    • Army Secretary Speaks at ILW Breakfast
    • Detainees the Topic of the Week on the Hill
    • Did you know…
    • Seen and Heard

    Legislative News - June 30, 2006
    • Army Chief Testifies on Equipment Reset, Repair
    • Stolen VA Laptop Recovered
    • More on the Senate Defense Authorization Bil
    • Seen and Heard

    Legislative News - June 23, 2006
    • VA Announces Free Credit Monitoring
    • Another Veto Threat!
    • Legislation to Increase COLA Passes Committee
    • Defense Authorization Bill Passes Senate
    • Seen and Heard

    Legislative News - June 16, 2006
    • Proposed Increase in Retail Pharmacy Co-pays Blocked
    • President Signs Emergency Spending Bill
    • Defense Appropriations Bill Approved by House Committee
    • Commission on the National Guard and Reserve Holds Hearing
    • Seen and Heard

    Legislative News - June 9, 2006
    • Conferees Agree on Emergency Supplemental Spending Bill
    • Millions Affected by VA Data Loss
    • Seen and Heard

    Legislative News - May 25, 2006
    • No Supplemental before Recess
    • Military Construction - VA Bill Passes House
    • Defense Bills Encourage Use of Mail Order Pharmacy Program
    • GI Bill Transfer to Spouse
    • House Defense Bill: Monthly Voucher for Free Mail
    • Seen and Heard

    Legislative News - May 19, 2006
    • Congress’ To Do List: Week of 22-26 May
    • National Guard Troops will be used for Border Duty
    • Did You Know…

    Legislative News - May 12, 2006
    • House Passes Defense Authorization Bill
    • Commission on National Guard and Reserve Hold Hearing in D.C.
    • Seen and Heard

    Legislative News - May 5, 2006
    • Difficult Conference Ahead as $109 Billion War Bill Passes Senate
    • Fiscal 2007 Defense Authorization Bills Advance
    • House Panel Rejects Health Fee Increases for Veterans
    • GAO Report: GWOT Soldiers Battle Broken Military Pay System
    • Seen and Heard

    Legislative News - April 28, 2006
    • House Armed Services Subcommittees Mark Up Defense Bill
    • Senate Debates Emergency Supplemental Spending Bill. Cloture Motion Filed
    • AUSA Addresses Chief of Staff Retiree Council
    • Seen and Heard

    Legislative News - April 7, 2006 (04/07/2006)
    • Senate Committee Passes Emergency Spending Bill
    • House Budget Resolution Talks Collapse
    • House Committee to DOD: Procurement System “Terribly Broken”
    • Seen and Heard

    Legislative News - March 31, 2006
    • AUSA Discusses TRICARE Proposals with DOD Officials
    • TRICARE Hot Topic at Hearing
    • Guard/Reserve Discussed at Hearing
    • And a Salute Goes to...
    • Seen and Heard

    Legislative News - March 17, 2006
    • AUSA on the Hill
    • Senate Holds Hearing on TRICARE
    • Supplemental Passes House. Budget Resolution Passes Senate
    • Seen and Heard

    Legislative News - March 10, 2006 (03/10/2006)
    • House Armed Services Committee Leadership: No TRICARE Fee Increases Now
    • Military Compensation Panel Wraps-Up Work
    • Independent Commission will review National Guard and Reserve
    • Seen and Heard

    Legislative News - March 3, 2006 (03/03/2006)
    • AUSA President Speaks Out Against TRICARE Fee Hikes
    • $3 Billion Deferred in Supplemental Request for Upgraded Armor
    • Senator Seeks Budget “Headroom” for SBP
    • Seen and Heard

    Legislative News - February 17, 2006
    • Senator Chambliss, Key Congressional Staff Visit AUSA Winter Symposium
    • AUSA Presents Testimony to House VA Hearing

    Legislative News - February 10, 2006 (02/10/2006)
    • AUSA on the Hill
    • Fiscal 2007 Budget Sent to Congress
    • QDR Released

    Legislative News - February 3, 2006
    • Army Proposes Cuts to Guard and Reserve
    • Budget, QDR Released Next Week

    Legislative News - December 22, 2005
    • AUSA President Meets with Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs
    • Defense Bills Cleared by Senate

    Legislative News - December 16, 2005
    • AUSA Fights DOD Plans to Shift Health Care Costs
    • And Finally...

    Legislative News - December 12, 2005
    • AUSA Hosts Member of Congress and Staff at Symposium
    • Congress’ To Do List: Week of 12-16 December

    Legislative News - November 18, 2005
    Update on Defense Bills:
    • Fiscal 2006 Defense Authorization Bill
    • Fiscal 2006 Defense Appropriations Bill
    • Military Construction-VA Appropriations

    Legislative News - November 10, 2005
    • Good News! More Good News!! Not So Good News?
    • Hearing Addresses National Guard Equipment Needs
    • Veterans’ Day is tomorrow

    Legislative News - November 4, 2005
    • 2006 Legislative Agenda Adopted by AUSA Membership
    • DOD Leadership: $32.1 Billion in Budget Cuts Needed
    • House Votes to Support Base Closure Recommendations

    Legislative News - October 28, 2005
    • AUSA on the Hill
    • Where is the Defense Authorization Bill? Part II
    • Senate Votes for Pay Parity for Federal Workers
    • Army Leadership Testifies about Armored Vehicles

    Legislative News - October 21, 2005
    • AUSA on the Hill
    • Where is the Defense Authorization Bill?

    Legislative News - October 7, 2005
    • Members and Staff Visit AUSA Annual Meeting
    • Senate Passes Appropriations Bill

    Legislative News - September 30, 2005
    • AUSA Presents Testimony to House VA Hearing
    • Authorization Bill Goes to the Senate Floor
    • National Guard Chief Testifies before House Defense Appropriations Subcommittee

    Legislative News - September 23, 2005
    • AUSA on the Hill
    • Senate Bill Addresses VA Health Care Funding Shortfall
    • Continuing Resolution Necessary

    Legislative News - September 16, 2005 (09/16/2005)
    • AUSA on the Hill
    • President Approves BRAC List
    • Broader Role for the Armed Forces?
    • House Panel Launches Own Defense Review

    Legislative News - September 9, 2005 (09/09/2005)
    • Congress Returns to an Altered Agenda
    • Army Secretary Announces New Recruiting Initiatives
    • One-Year Open Enrollment for SBP Set to Commence

    Legislative News - July 29, 2005 (07/29/2005)
    • Senate Pulls Authorization Bill
    • Congress Informed about Army’s Plan for Brigade Combat Team Stationing
    • Funding Gap in VA Health Care Plugged
    • Did you know...
    • Congress in recess 1 August - 5 September

    Legislative News - July 22, 2005 (07/25/2005)
    • Senate Tackles Defense Authorization Bill
    • Appropriators Pass Military Construction and Veterans’ Affairs Bills
    • Maximum Recruitment Age for Military Increased?
    • Did you know...

    Legislative News - July 15, 2005 (07/15/2005)
    • White House: More Money Needed for VA Health Care
    • House Panel Permanently Increases Life Insurance Benefit
    • Cost-of-Living Adjustment Passes House
    • We Need Your Help!!
    • Did you know...

    Legislative News - June 30, 2005 (06/30/2005)
    • Congressional Staff Visits Medical Symposium
    • Capitol Hill Addresses VA Budget Crunch
    • Senate Holds Hearing on Recruiting and Retention
    • Did you know...

    Legislative News - June 24, 2005 (06/24/2005)

    Legislative News - June 17, 2005 (06/17/2005)

    Legislative News - June 10, 2005 (06/10/2005)

    Legislative News - May 26, 2005 (05/26/2005)

    Legislative News - May 20, 2005 (05/20/2005)

    Legislative News - May 13, 2005 (05/13/2005)

    Legislative News - May 6, 2005 (05/06/2005)

    Legislative News - April 29, 2005 (04/29/2005)

    Legislative News - April 22, 2005 (04/22/2005)

    Legislative News - April 15, 2005 (04/15/2005)

    Legislative News - April 11, 2005 (04/11/2005)

    Legislative News - March 18, 2005 (03/18/2005)

    Legislative News - March 11, 2005 (03/11/2005)

    Legislative News - March 4, 2005 (03/04/2005)

    Legislative News - February 18, 2005 (02/18/2005)

    Legislative News - February 11, 2005 (02/11/2005)

    Legislative News - February 4, 2005 (02/04/2005)

    Legislative News - January 28, 2005 (01/28/2005)

    Legislative News - January 7, 2005 (01/07/2005)

    Legislative News - December 10, 2004 (12/10/2004)

    Legislative News - November 19, 2004 (11/19/2004)

    Legislative News - October 15, 2004 (10/15/2004)

    Legislative News - October 8, 2004 (10/08/2004)
    • AUSA on the Hill
    • Major Achievements for AUSA - Conferees Reach Agreement on H.R. 4200
    • Army Secretary Nomination Sent to Senate Floor
    • Update on Tax Bill
    • Don't Forget - Your vote is important!!

    Legislative News - October 1, 2004 (10/01/2004)
    • House-Senate Conferees Meet on Defense Authorization Bill
    • Tax Bill Would Assist Lower-Income Military
    • Bill to Protect Military Personnel from Abusive Insurance and Financial Products Progresses
    • Today in Army History

    Legislative News - September 24, 2004 (09/24/2004)
    • Military Construction Spending Bill
    • Changes Ahead for 650,000 Civilian Employees
    • Civilian Pay Raise Update
    • Military Tax Break
    • Today in Army History

    Legislative News - September 17, 2004 (09/17/2004)
    • Bipartisan Bill Will Improve Legal Protections for Members of the Guard and Reserves
    • Manager’s Amendment Will Address Military Housing Spending Cap
    • Congress Resumes Work on Defense Authorization Bill
    • Today in Army History

    Legislative News - September 10, 2004 (09/10/2004)
    • AUSA on the Hill
    • DoD Takes Steps to Correct Guard and Reserve Pay Issues
    • More Pay Matters
    • Did You Know...
    • TRICARE for Life and Medicare Part B

    Legislative News - July 23, 2004 (07/23/2004)
    • Congress in Recess Through Sept. 6/ Next Newsletter Sept. 10
    • Army Chief of Staff Testifies on Transformation
    • Defense Appropriations Bill Clears Congress
    • TRICARE for Reservists and National Guard
    • Pay Parity for Civilians

    Legislative News - July 16, 2004 (07/16/2004)
    • AUSA on the Hill
    • Travel Reimbursement Scheduled to Commence
    • Next Week

    Legislative News - July 9, 2004 (07/09/2004)
    • House Armed Services Committee Holds Hearing on Troop Rotation
    • House Appropriators Searching for Fix for Military Family Housing Spending Cap
    • New Legislation Spotlight

    Legislative News - June 25, 2004 (06/25/2004)
    • AUSA on the Hill
    • Senate Passes Defense Authorization and Appropriations Bills
    • House & Senate Recess - No Legislative News Next Week

    Legislative News - June 18, 2004 (06/18/2004)
    • House Appropriators Approve Defense Bill
    • Amendment to Increase Army Size Adopted
    • Reimbursement for Soldiers
    • Senate Votes on New Civilian Outsourcing Measures
    • New Legislation Spotlight
    • You Asked...

    Legislative News - June 11, 2004 (06/11/2004)
    • AUSA Chapter Honors Service Members
    • Capitol Hill Update

    Legislative News - June 4, 2004 (06/04/2004)
    • AUSA on the Hill
    • Senate Votes on Permanent TRICARE for Reserve & National Guard Members
    • AUSA Official on The Newshour
    • Initiative Announced to Improve Absentee Voting
    • You asked...
    • Sale of Principal Residence

    Legislative News - May 21, 2004 (05/21/2004)
    • House Takes Action on SBP
    • AUSA on the Hill
    • Next Week...

    Legislative News - May 14, 2004 (05/14/2004)
    • House Armed Services Committee Approves SBP Fix!
    • Congress Holding onto Purse Strings of $25 Billion Supplemental Request
    • Next Week...

    Legislative News - May 7, 2004 (05/07/2004)
    • Authorization Bill Markup
    • New Legislation Spotlight
    • And a Salute Goes to...

    Legislative News - April 30, 2004 (04/30/2004)
    • AUSA on the Hill
    • New Legislation Spotlight
    • Army’s Housing Program Facing Difficulties
    • Exemption of Environmental Laws for DoD
    • “Help Our Troops Call Home” Program

    Legislative News - April 23, 2004 (04/23/2004)
    • AUSA on the Hill
    • New Legislation Spotlight
    • AUSA Presents Legislative Objectives to Reserve Forces Policy Board
    • The Guardsman and Reservists Financial Relief Act Passes the House

    Legislative News - April 9, 2004 (04/09/2004)
    • Army Recruiting and Retention

    Legislative News - April 2, 2004 (04/02/2004)
    • AUSA on the Hill
    • Request for Budget Transfer Authority
    • Reserve Component Hearings
    • Bills Update

    Legislative News - March 26, 2004 (03/26/2004)
    • On the Hill
    • Houses Passes Fiscal 2005 Budget Plan
    • National Military Appreciation Month

    Legislative News - March 19, 2004 (03/19/2004)
    • AUSA on the Hill
    • Retroactive R&R Reimbursements
    • Expanded Link Between Funding and ROTC Programs
    • Pay Parity for Civilians

    Legislative News - March 12, 2004 (03/12/2004)
    This week's stories:
    • Senate Passes 2005 Budget Resolution
    • Benefits for the Reserves and Guard
    • Progress on SBP
    • Army’s “Unfunded Requirements” List

    Legislative Newsletter - February 27, 2004 (02/27/2004)
    This week's stories:
    • Comanche Helicopter Program Scratched
    • Defense Budget Battles
    • Increase Requested for Veterans’ Affairs

    Legislative News - February 13, 2004 (02/13/2004)
    This week's stories:
    • AUSA on the Hill
    • Update on Permanent End Strength Increase
    • 2004 Temporary Health Reserve Benefit Program
    • User Fees for Veterans Unlikely
    • Funding for Operations in Iraq and Afghanistan

    Legislative News - February 6, 2004 (02/06/2004)
    This week's stories:
    • AUSA on Capitol Hill
    • Army Budget at $98.5 Billion
    • More News on SBP

    Legislative News - January 30, 2004 (01/30/2004)
    This week's stories:
    • Temporary Increase in Troop Strength
    • Permanent TRICARE Eligibility for Reservists and Guardsmen?
    • Update on Concurrent Receipt

    Legislative News - January 23, 2004 (01/23/2004)
    This week's stories:
    • 4.1 Percent Pay Hike for DA Civilians Included In Omnibus Legislation
    • Good News...For Now
    • AUSA Works to Correct SBP Inequities
    • AUSA Joins Other Associations to Reduce Reserve Component Retirement Benefits Age
    • Hill Staffers Attend AUSA Events

    Legislative Newsletter (12/12/2003)
    This week's stories:
    • House passes Omnibus; Senate not likely to pass bill this year
    • AUSA president meets with congressional staffers
    • Good-bye!
    • No news, means no news

    Legislative Newsletter (11/26/2003)
    This week's stories:
    • President Bush signs authorization bill
    • Not quite in recess

    Legislative Newsletter (11/21/2003)
    This week's stories:
    • Defense Authorization Act is passed, get the details here!
    • It’s not over yet!

    Legislative Newsletter (11/14/2003)
    This week's stories:
    • Defense Authorization is on its way to the White House
    • Senate clears MilCon
    • Congress races to finish before Nov. 21
    • Federal Civilian Employee pay raise

    Legislative Newsletter (11/07/2003)
    This week's stories:
    • AUSA VP LTG Ted Stroup testifies before HASC
    • Military Tax bill is on its way to the Oval Office!
    • Conferees Complete FY04 Defense Authorization Act
    • A slimmer version of MilCon is sent to the Senate
    • FY04 Supplemental bill has been signed!

    Legislative Newsletter (10/31/2003)
    This week's stories:
    • AUSA and Military Coalition members meet with 15 Democratic senators
    • Conferees come to an agreement on Reserve Component Health Care
    • House passes legislation that would boost payments to the families of fallen soldiers
    • Congress seems no closer to adjournment and defense bills remain in conference

    Legislative Newsletter (10/24/2003)
    This week's stories:
    • AUSA helps push action on Armed Forces Tax Fairness Bill
    • AUSA expresses support for Reed/Hagel amendment to raise Army end strength by 10,000
    • AUSA supports Reserve Component health care amendment
    • Get your gloves out! Military Construction causes quite a stir on the Hill

    Legislative Newsletter (10/17/2003)
    This week's stories:
    • AUSA’s 2003 Annual Meeting was a huge success!
    • Concurrent Receipt takes a giant leap forward
    • House passes bill to relieve wounded soldiers of meal costs
    • Supplemental spending bill gets stalled in the Senate

    Legislative Newsletter (09/27/2003)
    This week's stories:
    • Defense Appropriations moves forward
    • Republican breaks ranks to sign discharge petition
    • Health care for National Guard and Reserve members
    • Congress passes a month-long continuing resolution
    • It’s that time of year again!

    Legislative Newsletter (09/12/2003)
    This week's stories:
    • Federal Civilian Pay Raise
    • Concurrent Receipt
    • Lawmakers Still Fighting for Guard and Reserve Health Care
    • Defense Authorization Conferees Try to Avoid Presidential Veto

    Legislative Newsletter (09/05/2003)
    This week's stories:
    • Congress is back and concurrent receipt is getting a lot of attention
    • Update on the defense bills
    • Pay parity

    Legislative Newsletter (08/01/2003)
    This week's stories:
    • GEN Schoomaker confirmed as Chief of Staff
    • New Chief of Staff of the Army's Arrival Message
    • GEN Sullivan presents guidon to Senator Inouye
    • Congress takes a break
    • What you can do

    Legislative Newsletter (07/28/2003)
    This week's stories:
    • Army may have to wait six weeks for new Secretary
    • Bill would give civilian federal employees a 4.1 percent pay raise next year
    • Veterans’ Health Care
    • Non-Active Reservists won’t be receiving TRICARE this year

    Legislative Newsletter (07/18/2003)
    This week's stories:
    • Military construction passes Senate
    • Defense appropriations passed by Senate
    • Buy America?

    Legislative Newsletter (07/11/2003)
    This week's stories:
    • Defense Authorization bill delayed
    • Defense Appropriations bill put in the fast lane
    • Rumsfeld and Congress go head to head over Reserve benefits

    Legislative Newsletter (06/27/2003)
    This week's stories:
    • AUSA Hosts Outstanding Legislator Award Reception on the Hill
    • Update - Armed Forces Tax Fairness Act
    • Update - Concurrent Receipt
    • Defense Appropriations Bill Clears Committee
    • Military Construction Appropriations Passes Full House
    • Strom Thurmond Dies at Age 100
    • Newsletter Takes a Break

    Legislative Newsletter (06/20/2003)
    This week's stories:
    • Money…Money
    • President Bush tells Congress to come to an agreement on the Child Tax Credit bill
    • Military Construction takes a hard hit at the bank

    Legislative Newsletter (06/13/2003)
    This week's stories:
    • The Continuing Saga of Military Tax Break Legislation
    • Concurrent Receipt Battle Continues
    • Defense Appropriation is $3 Billion less than Budget Request
    • Military Construction Spending comes in below Budget Request, too

    Legislative Newsletter (06/06/2003)
    This week's stories:
    • Get out the gloves, defense authorization goes to conference
    • Concurrent Receipt – The battle continues
    • Citizenship rules for military members
    • Senate continues BRAC in 2005
    • Child tax credit for military families

    Legislative Newsletter (05/22/2003)
    This week's stories:
    • Movin’ on Up!
    • Reserve healthcare gets Senate nod
    • Concurrent Receipt gets yanked
    • Isn’t it Thursday?

    Legislative Newsletter (05/16/2003)
    This week's stories:
    • HASC Clears National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2004
    • BRAC Skirmishes
    • VA Committee Approves Many Health and Benefits Bills

    Legislative Newsletter (05/09/2003)
    This week's stories:
    • AUSA on the Hill
    • Military tax break bill update
    • New measure to protect troops
    • Sen. McCain and Rep. Susan Davis join forces on pay gap issue

    Legislative Newsletter (05/02/2003)
    This week's stories:
    • This Just In! Gen. Stroup testifies on the Hill
    • Move over BRAC, new panel may change some domestic recommendations
    • Attention Vets! Republicans and Democrats are vying for your support

    Legislative Newsletter (04/18/2003)
    This week's stories:
    • Bush Signs Supplemental Bill
    • Family Separation Allowance
    • Concurrent Receipt Gets Another Setback

    Legislative Newsletter (04/11/2003)
    This week's stories:
    • AUSA on the Hill
    • Deadlock over Supplemental Spending Bill
    • House passes tax break bill for military personnel
    • Senator Leahy introduces a bill to ensure health insurance for deployed Guard and Reserve

    Legislative News (04/04/2003)
    This week's stories:
    • Defense Supplemental bill comes with strings
    • AUSA on the Hill
    • The best things come in groups of 3!
    • Financial Aid for Military Students
    • Add your Support to the Armed Forces Tax Fairness Act

    Legislative News (03/28/2003)
    This week's stories:
    • Senate votes YES for Military Tax Cuts
    • Senator Landrieu wins one for the for the National Security Budget
    • Supplemental Spending Bill
    • Sign the petition to support the Military Airfare Bill

    Legislative News (03/21/2003)
    This week's stories:
    • It’s Unanimous! Military Tax Cut Bill Passes the House
    • House and Senate Show Their Support for the Troops
    • More Money Please!
    • AUSA on the Hill

    Legislative News - March 14, 2003 (03/14/2003)
    This week's stories:
    • AUSA President on the Hill
    • Warner/Davis Bill
    • Equality between Military and Civil Service Raises
    • Desperately Seeking Funding

    Legislative News - March 7, 2003 (03/07/2003)
    This week's stories:
    • Controversy Slows Armed Forces Tax Fairness Act
    • Impact Aid Needs Your Help
    • G.I. Bill Gets Boost, But More Still Needed

    Legislative News - February 28, 2003 (02/28/2003)
    This week's stories:
    • New SBP Bill Introduced
    • Military Tax Break May be Stampeded by Tax Breaks for Horse Race Betting
    • Will VA Patients Pay More in ‘04?

    Legislative News - February 14, 2003 (02/14/2003)
    This week's stories:
    • The Giant is Put to Rest!
    • Defense Budget Gets Rolling
    • Pay Raise for Federal Employees
    • Speak Out for Survivor Benefit Plan
    • House Homeland Security Committee Gets Organized

    Legislative News - February 10, 2003 (02/10/2003)
    This week's stories:
    • Rumsfeld Wants More Money
    • Let’s Make a Deal!
    • Tax Breaks for Combat-Zone Service

    Legislative News - January 31, 2003 (01/31/2003)
    This week's stories:
    • The Pentagon Expected to Release New Budget for 2004
    • Announcing New SASC Subcommittee Chairs
    • Tax Credits for Active Reserve and Guardsmen!
    • National Guard’s Role in Homeland Security Gets Beefed Up
    • Hutchison and Clinton Introduce Bill to Assist Military Widows

    Legislative News - January 24, 2003 (01/24/2003)
    This week's stories:
    • On the Hill
    • DoD v. Depot Caucus: Where Should Maintenance be Done?
    • Senate’s Spending Bill Includes 4.1 Percent Federal Civilian Pay Raise
    • Army Contract Goes to Virginia Firms

    Legislative News - January 17, 2003 (01/17/2003)
    This week's stories:
    • Senate Finally Gets Organized
    • New House and Senate Armed Services Members Have Been Named
    • Save the Bases!
    • Guard and Reserve Pay

    Legislative News - January 10, 2003 (01/10/2003)
    This week's stories:
    • Let the Games Begin!
    • Reorganizing the House
    • A New Hunter on the Trail
    • Senate Lags Behind in Organization
    • Daschle's Leadership Bill, S. 19
    • Full Concurrent Receipt
    • Mandatory Funding for Veterans' Health Care
    • Eliminate Bottlenecks for Receipt of VA Prescription Drugs
    • Tax Fairness for Military Personnel
    • A New Department for a New Era

    Legislative News - November 22, 2002 (11/22/2002)
    This week's stories:
    • Homeland Security Passes Senate
    • Veterans Benefits Act of 2002 Passed
    • AUSA Continues Campaign for Concurrent Receipt
    • It’s a Wrap!

    Legislative News - November 15, 2002 (11/15/2002)
    This week's stories:
    • And They’re Off!
    • Homeland Security
    • Defense Authorization Bill FY03
    • Continuing Resolution

    Legislative News - October 25, 2002 (10/25/2002)
    This week's stories:
    • Annual Meeting Draws Capitol Hill Crowd
    • AUSA Attends White House Signing of Defense and Military Construction Appropriation Bills
    • AUSA National Resolutions Committee Drafts 2003 Resolutions
    • AUSA Assistant Director of Government Affairs Departs

    Legislative News - October 17, 2002 (10/17/2002)
    This week's stories:
    • Hill Passes Long-Term Continuing Resolution
    • Congress Sends Defense Appropriation Bill to President
    • No Progress on Defense Authorization Bill
    • Army Staff to Brief AUSA’s Resolutions Committee

    Legislative News - October 11, 2002 (10/11/2002)
    This week's stories:
    • And the Beat Goes On
    • Defense Appropriation Bill Passes House
    • Military Construction Appropriation Bill Passes House
    • Defense Authorization Bill Still in Conference
    • House Appropriations Committee Approves VA-HUD Spending Bill
    • VA Cost of living Adjustment - HR 4085
    • Revised Military Tax Bill Passes House

    AUSA Legislative Newsletter (10/04/2002)
    This week's stories:
    • Defense Bill Update
    • Military Tax Bill Passes Senate
    • Resolution on Iraq
    • Homeland Security
    • Updates in the Senate

    Legislative News - September 27, 2002 (09/27/2002)
    This week's stories:
    • Congress Passes Short-term Continuing Resolution
    • President Issues National Security Strategy (NSS)
    • Senate Passes Veterans' Benefits Package and Extends SSCRA Protection to Title 32 Reservists
    • Homeland Security Act (HR 5005) Still in Conference, May be Interrupted by Debates on Iraq
    • Military Tax Break Bill Still in Play

    Legislative News - September 20, 2002 (09/20/2002)
    This week's stories:
    • Defense Authorization and Defense Appropriations
    • Concurrent Receipt - HR 303
    • Homeland Security Department - HR 5005
    • Iraq

    Legislative News - September 13, 2002 (09/13/2002)
    This Week's Stories:
    • September 11th Remembered
    • Tax-Breaks for Military Personnel - S. 2816
    • Homeland Security - H.R. 5005
    • Defense Authorization - H.R. 4546
    • Homeless Veterans’ Comprehensive Assistance Act of 2001

    Legislative News - September 6, 2002 (09/06/2002)
    This week's story:
    • They're Baaack!
    • AUSA Continues Push for Concurrent Receipt
    • Homeland Security Department Debate Heats Up
    • President Approves 3.1 Percent Federal Civilian Pay Raise
    • Senate Finance Committee Postpones Tax Bill Markup

    Legislative News - August 2, 2002 (08/02/2002)
    This week's stories:
  • Senate Passes Defense Spending Bill
  • Senate Bill Offers Tax Benefits to Servicemembers
  • RAMP Executive Director Testifies on Iraq
  • Status of Defense Bills as of August 1

  • Legislative News - July 26, 2002 (07/26/2002)
    This week's stories:
  • Congress Passes 2002 Supplemental Spending Bill
  • Treasury-Postal Appropriation Bill Draws Veto Threat
  • House Passes 2003 Intelligence Authorization Bill
  • AUSA Testifies on Reform of Soldiers and Sailors Relief Act
  • House Passes Arlington Cemetery Burial Rules Legislation
  • Senate Veterans' Affairs Committee Clears Cost of Living Increase for Veterans

  • Legislative News - July 29, 2002 (07/19/2002)
    This week's stories:
  • Senate Passes 2003 Military Construction Appropriation
  • Senate Defense Appropriation Subcommittee Completes 2003 Defense Bill Markup
  • Agreement Reached on 2002 Spending Supplemental
  • House Armed Services Committee Completes Markup of Defense Contingency Fund
  • Skelton Bill on Military End-Strength Approved by House Defense Committee
  • National Military Appreciation Month Legislation Needs Your Support

  • Legislative News - July 12, 2002 (07/12/2002)
    This week's stories:
  • Defense Legislation Update
  • House Armed Services Committee (HASC) Marks Up Homeland Security Bill
  • House Passes Tax Breaks for Military Families

  • Legislative News - June 28, 2002 (06/28/2002)
    This week's stories:
    • House Passes 2003 Defense Appropriation Bill
    • Senate Passes Defense Authorization Bill
    • House Approves $10.1 Billion Military Construction Appropriation Bill
    • House Appropriators Approve 4.1 Percent Federal Pay Raise
    • Force Structure Hearing Postponed

    Legislative News - June 21, 2002 (06/21/2002)
    This week's stories:
    • House Appropriators Complete 2003 Defense Bill Mark-up
    • Senate Considers Defense Authorization Bill

    Legislative News - June 14, 2002 (06/14/2002)
    This week's stories:
    • House Appropriators Complete 2003 Military Construction Mark-up
    • Crusader Update
    • Congress Set to Debate Department of Homeland Security
    • President Announces Major Shift in National Security Strategy

    Legislative News - June 7, 2002 (06/07/2002)
    This week's stories:
    • Prospects Dim for Early Passage of Defense Bills
    • President to Create Department of Homeland Security
    • Crusader Update
    • Intelligence Panels Begin 9/11 Probe
    • '02 Supplemental Heads to Conference

    Legislative News - May 24, 2002 (05/24/2002)
    This week's stories:
    • Hunter Likely Successor to Stump as House Armed Services Committee Chairman
    • House Passes Veterans' Legislation
    • No Votes Yet on Defense Supplemental
    • Senate Armed Services Delays Decision on Crusader

    Legislative News - May 17, 2002 (05/17/2002)
    This week's stories:
    • Senate Delays Action on 2003 Defense Bill
    • Senate Armed Services Committee Holds Hearing on Crusader
    • AUSA on the Hill
    • House Completes Markup of Intelligence Authorization Bill

    Legislative News - May 10, 2002 (05/10/2002)
    This week's stories:
    • House Passes 2003 Defense Authorization Bill
    • Senate Armed Services Committee Completes Markup of the 2003 Defense Bill
    • OSD to Cut Crusader, Congress Weighs In
    • Congress Considers FY 2002 Supplemental Spending Bill

    Legislative News - May 3, 2002 (05/03/2002)
    This week's stories:
    • AUSA on the Hill
    • House Armed Services Committee Completes Markup of 2003 Defense Bill
    • House Armed Services Committee Chairman Announces Retirement
    • New Army Agency to Focus on Fixing Old Buildings

    Legislative News - April 26, 2002 (04/26/2002)
    This week's stories:
    • House Armed Services Subcommittees Begin Markup of 2003 Defense Legislation
    • Pentagon Seeks Exemptions to List of Environmental Laws
    • DoD Leaders Testify on Need for Increased Use of Radio Spectrum
    • Tax Exemption for Military Student Loan Repayment Program

    Legislative News - April 19, 2002 (04/19/2002)
    This week's stories:
    • House Appropriations Committee to Begin Work
    • House Armed Services Committee Set to Begin 2003 Defense Bill Markup
    • Pentagon Realigns Military Structure For The 21st Century

    Legislative News - April 12, 2002 (04/12/2002)
    This week's stories:
    • No Action on Budget Resolution
    • Senate to form Army Caucus
    • Traficant Found Guilty

    Legislative News - April 5, 2002 (04/05/2002)
    Concurrent Receipt Special Alert
    There will be some very important action in the Senate this week regarding concurrent receipt. The full Senate will consider the Fiscal Year 2003 Budget Resolution, which includes partial funding for concurrent receipt ($550 million). Senator Harry Reid (D-Nev.) will offer an amendment that provides budget authority for full funding of concurrent receipt, approximately $2.9 billion a year. We are asking everyone to e-mail their Senators urging them to support this amendment. On our online Contact Congress feature, type in your zip code and press "GO" and choose the letter "Concurrent Receipt." Go there now.

    Legislative News - March 22, 2002 (03/22/2002)
    This week's stories:
    • AUSA Honors Army Caucus
    • Senate Subcommittee Reviews Endstrength
    • Supplemental Sent to Hill

    Legislative News - March 15, 2002 (03/15/2002)
    This week's stories:
    • Cleland Receives Abrams Medal
    • Budget Committee Approves Limited Concurrent Receipt, Pay Parity
    • Army Submits Unfunded Requirements List

    Legislative News - March 8, 2002 (03/08/2002)
    This week's stories:
    • Personnel Subcommittee Testimony
    • Readiness Committee Holds Hearings
    • Transitions on the Hill
    • Assistant Secretary of the Army Resigns

    Legislative News - March 1, 2002 (03/01/2002)
    This week's stories:
    • Senate Staffers attend AUSA Winter Meeting
    • Army Names Interim Armored Vehicle 'Stryker'
    • Hearings Continue on Hill
    • Bolton New Assistant Secretary

    Legislative News - February 15, 2002 (02/15/2002)
    This week's stories:
    • AUSA on the Hill
    • Meeting with Senator Warner
    • Supplemental Under Discussion
    • Senate Committee Hears Personnel Testimony
    • House, Senate on Break

    Legislative News - February 8, 2002 (02/08/2002)
    This week's stories:
    • AUSA Senior Leaders on the Hill
    • Army Budget at $91 billion

    Legislative News - February 1, 2002 (02/01/2002)
    This week's stories:
    • President Delivers State of the Union
    • Rumsfeld Speaks at NDU
    • McCain Offers Military Homeowners Tax Relief

    Legislative News - January 25, 2002 (01/25/2002)
    This week's stories:
    • President Proposes $48 Billion Defense Increase
    • President Signs Veterans Affairs Health Care Programs Enhancement Act
    • President Calls for Increase in Homeland Security Budget
    • AUSA on the Hill

    Legislative News - December 21, 2001 (12/21/2001)
    Appropriations Bill Passes Senate, House
    The House and Senate this week passed the Fiscal Year 2002 Defense Appropriations Bill. The bill provides a total of $317.4 billion in new discretionary spending, $19.2 billion more than was appropriated in FY2001.

    Legislative News - December 14, 2001 (12/14/2001)
    Defense Authorization Conference Ends
    The Defense Authorization Conference ended this week and both houses of Congress overwhelmingly passed the conference report. The bill now heads to the President for his signature.

    Legislative News - December 7, 2001 (12/07/2001)
    Appropriations Bill Passes Senate Committee; Veto Threatened
    The FY 2002 Defense Appropriations Bill, which passed the House last month, has passed the Senate Appropriations Committee this week. Although this would appear to be good news, the bill contains a highly controversial addition. Sen. Robert Byrd (D-WVA) has added an additional $15 billion in spending, on top of $20 billion in emergency aid approved as part of an emergency spending bill immediately following September 11. President Bush has said that the $20 billion is enough for now, and the additional monies should be included in a supplemental spending bill later next year when spending priorities become clearer. If the final version of the bill contains the $15 billion, Bush has said he will veto the bill. House leaders have said that the $15 billion will not survive conference.

    Legislative News, November 30, 2001 (11/30/2001)
    AUSA’s Resolutions Now On-line
    AUSA’s final 2002 Resolutions are now available. The resolutions were approved by the chapters during the week of October 29 - November 5.

    Legislative News - November 16, 2001 (11/16/2001)
    VA Committee Approves Reserve Education Benefit
    The House Veterans’ Affairs Committee approved HR 3240, the Reservists Education Protection Act, this week. The bill was sponsored by Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ), the chairman of the committee, and Rep. Lane Evans (D-IL), the committee’s ranking member. HR3240 ensures that reservists called to active duty in the war on terrorism will not lose education benefits they accrued from prior military service. Servicemembers would regain any monthly educational payments lost due to their call ups by extending the number of months of entitlement commensurately, it would also add the time of their mobilized tour of duty, plus four months, to the ten years normally provided under the GI Bill.

    Legislative News - November 9, 2001 (11/09/2001)
    Déjà vu: Authorization, Appropriations Stalled
    If it sounds like you’ve heard this before, it’s because you have. The Fiscal Year 2002 Authorization and Appropriations bills remain stuck in neutral. Congressional authorizers and appropriators still have been unable to reach any agreement on the bills and there is no end in sight to the impasse.

    Legislative News - November 2, 2001 (11/02/2001)
    Progress Slow on Authorizations, Appropriations Bills
    Defense Authorization conferees met this week for the first time to work on the final conference report for the Fiscal Year 2002 bill. There were approximately 500 differences between the House and Senate versions of the bill. About half of those differences have been worked out. According to Congressional Quarterly, some aides do not believe that the report will be ready before the week of November 12. The Senate Bill authorized $2.9 billion more than the House version, and that difference must be reconciled before the subcommittees and begin working on individual items.

    Legislative News - October 26, 2001 (10/26/2001)
    Anthrax Keeps Offices Closed
    Traces of anthrax continue to keep a number of House and Senate office buildings closed this week. For the first time since Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle received an anthrax-laced letter (D-SD), the Dirksen and Russell Senate buildings have re-opened. The Hart Senate building will remain closed indefinitely. On the House side, the Ford and Longworth building remain closed. The legislative business of the House and Senate continues, as the Capitol itself remains open.

    Legislative News - October 19, 2001 (10/19/2001)
    Senate, House Approve Military Construction Bill
    The Senate and the House of Representatives passed the Fiscal Year 2002 Military Construction conference report this week (HR 2904). The bill would appropriate $10.5 billion for projects including barracks, family housing, and recreational facilities. The report provides $1.5 billion over last year and $500 million more than President Bush requested. It includes $5.8 billion for military construction, $4.1 billion for family housing, and $633 million for base closing costs. The bill now heads to the President for his signature.

    Legislative News - October 12, 2001 (10/12/2001)
    No Legislative News this week.

    Legislative News - October 5, 2001 (10/05/2001)
    Government Operating on Continuing Resolutions
    Congress has yet to approve any of the FY 2002 spending bills. The Federal government has been running on a continuing resolution that is due to expire on October 16. That means that next week yet another resolution will be required to keep the government from shutting down. The Senate and House are hoping to markup their versions of the Defense Appropriations bill next week

    Legislative News - September 28, 2001 (09/28/2001)
    House Passes Authorization Bill
    In spite of some contentious moments, the House of Representatives this week passed the Fiscal Year 2002 Defense Authorization bill (HR 2586) 398-17. The bill authorizes $343 billion in defense related spending. The final total includes $7.9 billion for missile defense which is close to the $8.3 billion that President Bush had requested.

    Legislative News - September 21, 2001 (09/21/2001)
    Bush Speaks to both Houses of Congress
    President Bush told a joint session of Congress that "our war on terror begins with al Qaeda, but it does not end there." Speaking Sept. 20, he listed a number of demands to the Taliban regime that controls most of Afghanistan. These included: "Deliver to United States authorities all of the leaders of al Qaeda who hide in your land." He was specifically referring to Osama bin Laden, 44, a Saudi exile, whom U.S. officials call the "prime suspect" in the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks that have claimed more than 6,000 lives. He also linked the organization to the embassy bombings in Tanzania and Kenya and the attack on destroyer Cole as it was being refueled in Aden, Yemen.

    September 14, 2001 (09/14/2001)
    New York, Washington Attacked
    This week, what most in America never thought would happen, did. On the morning of September 11, 2001, terrorists hijacked four aircraft, rammed two of them into two World Trade Center buildings in New York, another into the Pentagon in Washington, DC, and the fourth crashed into the Pennsylvania countryside. Within two hours both Trade Center Towers had collapsed. The death toll is expected to be in the thousands. The safety that all Americans felt is gone now.

    Legislative News - September 7, 2001 (09/07/2001)
    Authorization Bills Move Forward
    The House Armed Services Committee this week held a meeting to discuss the final version of the FY2002 Defense Authorization Bill. AUSA and other defense-related associations were invited to attend. Chairman Bob Stump (R-AZ) and the subcommittee chairmen discussed provisions of the bill. Stump said he expects to bill will be voted on by the full House on Tuesday.

    Legislative News (08/10/2001)
    House and Senate in Recess
    The House and Senate are in recess this week for the July 4th holiday. The AUSA Newsletter will resume regular publication starting September 7.

    Legislative News - August 3, 2001 (08/03/2001)
    HASC Passes Authorization Bill
    The House Armed Services Committee this week passed the FY2002 Defense Authorization Bill (HR2586) with a vote of 58-1. The bill now heads to the full House where it is expected that it will be voted on soon after they return from recess. The Senate is still working on their version.

    Legislative News - July 20, 2001 (07/20/2001)
    Supplemental Conference Bill Passed by House
    After House and Senate negotiators agreed on a final version of the Fiscal Year 2001 supplemental spending bill, the House passed the Conference report 375-30 this morning. The bill includes over $5 billion for Defense-related programs. This final conference report must now be approved by the Senate, and will then require the President’s signature. The Senate may approve the legislation later today.

    Legislative News - July 13, 2001 (07/13/2001)
    Senate Passes Supplemental
    The Senate this week passed the President’s $6.5 billion supplemental spending request by an overwhelming 98-1 margin. Senator Russell Feingold (D-WI) cast the sole dissenting vote. The majority of the spending would go to defense, including monies for pay and health care. The bill also includes language that would block the Air Force from reducing the B-1 bomber fleet and moving the planes from Georgia, Idaho and Kansas to South Dakota and Texas. Senator John McCain (R-AZ) criticized the move as micromanaging the Pentagon. The bill now heads to conference committee.

    Legislative News - July 6, 2001 (07/05/2001)
    House and Senate in Recess
    The House and Senate are in recess this week for the July 4th holiday. The AUSA Newsletter will resume regular publication next week.

    Legislative News June 29, 2001 (06/29/2001)
    Administration Asks for Additional $18.4 billion in FY02
    The Bush Administration announced this week that it would be seeking an increase of $18.4 billion for Fiscal Year 2002. This is in addition to the $310.5 billion that Bush had used as a placeholder while Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld conducted a top-to-bottom review of the Pentagon. If approved the FY2002 budget would represent an eleven percent increase over last year’s appropriation.

    Legislative News - June 22, 2001 (06/22/2001)
    AUSA on the Hill
    AUSA President Gordon Sullivan met with Senator Ted Stevens (R-AK) on Capitol Hill to discuss AUSA legislative goals. General Sullivan stressed the need for a ground component in America's defense arsenal as part of a complementary balanced force. He told Senator Stevens, the ranking member of the Defense subcommittee of the Senate Appropriations Committee, that the Army is an important member of the Defense team. He also thanked Senator Stevens for his support during Stevens' tenure as chairman of the Defense subcommittee and the full committee.

    Legislative News - June 15, 2001 (06/15/2001)
    Defense Supplemental Update
    Both House and Senate Appropriations Committees are marking up the recently submitted Defense Supplemental proposal and expect to bring legislation to the floor next week. Quick passage will keep the services from curtailing fourth-quarter operations.

    Legislative News (04/13/2001)
    While Congress is on Spring Recess (April 7-22), Legislative News will not be published. The next issue of AUSA's Legislative News will be published on Friday of the week Congress returns (April 27).

    Legislative News April 6, 2001 (04/06/2001)
    Health Supplemental Moves Forward
    The Senate adopted an amendment offered by Sen. Pete Domenici (R-NM), to the FY2002 Budget Resolution adding $8.5 billion in budget authority. It passed the Senate 84-16. The amendment adds $3.1 billion for the Defense Health Program in 2002. "This is something we have to do, period. If we fail to provide funding for this year, medical and prescription care for our service personnel and their families will soon be seriously disrupted. If we do not fully fund the program for 2002, we will have the same problem again next year," said Domenici.

    Legislative News (03/23/2001)
    More Defense and Veterans Appointments Announced
    The White House released the names of more appointees to Department of Defense and the Department of Veterans' Affairs positions. David Chu is President Bush's choice for Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness. Chu is currently the Vice President responsible for RAND's Army Research Division and Director of its Arroyo Center. Chu served previously as the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Program Analysis and Evaluation.

    Legislative News (03/16/2001)
    Bush Backs Increased Benefits for Survivor
    The Bush Administration has announced its support for legislation to increase the maximum death benefits for families of military personnel killed in recent military accidents. The legislation would increase the death benefit to $250,000 and would make it retroactive to October 1, 2000. The benefit is scheduled to take effect on April 1.

    Legislative News (03/09/2001)
    Defense Health Care Update
    While observers inside and outside the Department of Defense continue to wait for President Bush and Secretary Rumsfeld to assemble the team that will lead the Pentagon for the next four years, the everyday task of managing the Defense Department's massive military health system has fallen on the shoulders of Dr. Jarrett Clinton, the acting Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs. Dr. Clinton is an active duty admiral in the U.S. Public Health Service, perhaps the nation's most obscure uniformed service.

    Legislative News (03/02/2001)
    Bush Proposes Transforming the Military
    In his budget message to Congress this week, President Bush recommended a defense budget of $310.5 billion for Fiscal Year 2002. This number represents a 4 percent increase over the FY2001 budget of $296.3 billion. The President spoke of the need for a better quality of life for the Armed Forces. "The budget I propose to you also supports the people who keep our country strong and free, the men and women who serve in the United States military. I am requesting $5.7 billion in increased military pay and benefits and health care and housing. Our men and women in uniform give America their best, and we owe them our support."

    Legislative News (02/16/2001)
    Rep. Dicks Introduces Supplemental.
    Rep. Norman Dicks (D-WA), ignoring the wishes of the White House, introduced a supplemental appropriations bill (HR 576) this week. The bill would give $6.7 billion to the armed services. Included in the bill are: $1 billion for pay and allowances; $4.3 billion for readiness, including training; $1 billion for health care costs; $110 million to offset energy price increases; $405 million for pay increases; and $276 million for Basic Allowance for Housing.

    Legislative News (02/09/2001)
    ALERT - TRICARE for Life Scam
    AUSA has learned that scam artists posing as military-related associations are targeting Medicare-eligible military beneficiaries. The individual or group guarantees for a fee that the beneficiary will be enrolled or registered in TRICARE for Life. These people are frauds. There is no charge or fee related to eligibility for TRICARE for Life if you are a Medicare-eligible military beneficiary. You need only participate in Medicare Part B to be eligible for TRICARE for Life. Tell your friends not to get sucked in by this scam to steal money from Medicare-eligible military beneficiaries.

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