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Quality of Life and Well-Being

The Association of the United States Army has been and will remain active and committed to supporting the need for accessible, efficient, and quality health care for all soldiers, retirees, and families. AUSA is committed to achieving unrestricted access to quality health care for every category of military beneficiary. This is nonnegotiable. Unquestionably, broken health care promises to one generation impact the career decisions of the next.

In order to ensure a uniform benefit, we have told the Secretary of Defense and Congress that their ongoing efforts to revamp the TRICARE military health care system must include all beneficiaries -- service members from all components (active Army, Army National Guard and Army Reserve), retirees of all ages, and their families. As important first steps, Congress must legislate and fund TRICARE Prime Remote in CONUS for active duty soldiers and their family members; eliminate TRICARE Prime copayments for active duty family members receiving care in the civilian network; and ensure TRICARE eligibility for Medicare-eligible retirees and their families. Establishment of a top-quality pharmacy benefits and the creation of a customer-oriented military health care system are critical to providing a uniform benefit. We believe that Congress and the Department of Defense must force improvements to the health care system. They must fund the program they created, sustain the high quality of health care professionals currently in the force, and increase accessibility for all to whom health care was promised.

Supporting Document:
The Promise...The Reality: Military Health Care Management Revisited (PDF, NSR, February 2000)