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The U.S. Army's Transformation to the Objective Force

As The Army moves down the trail to a transformed Objective Force, it must guard against the decoupling of the elements of the Transformation process. The three components of Transformation are not separate programs; they are all part of one program. It is essential that one not be allowed to become the "billpayer" for the others in a fiscally constrained environment. The value of Transformation lies in the interaction and synergy of all three elements--the Legacy, Interim and Objective Forces.

The issue papers in this Torchbearer discuss some of the most important issues and programs related to Transformation. AUSA believes that:

  • Ensuring public understanding of the complex and interdependent facets of Army Transformation is essential to its continued support.
  • The Army has already skipped a generation of weapons and can’t afford to skip another. Trying to do so will waste money and unnecessarily place our soldiers at risk.
  • The Army’s evolving Precision Fire capability provides strategically responsive, long-range firepower that complements and reinforces the capabilities of the other services.
  • Army Transformation is dependent upon the parallel transformation in logistics in which the U.S. Army Reserve will play a major role.

Army Transformation is even more critical now as The Army prepares for its escalating role in counterterrorism activities made necessary by the events of 11 September 2001. AUSA strongly supports Army Transformation and is doing all it can to ensure that decisionmakers, AUSA members and the public at large understand The Army’s plan and, in turn, become advocates for Transformation.

Key Issues Relevant to The U.S. Army's Transformation to the Objective Force
Executive Summary
Download Complete Report (PDF, 1.4 MB)

Issue Paper 5, December 2001
The Interim Brigade Combat Teams in Army Transformation (PDF, 95K)
The Interim Brigade Combat Team (IBCT) satisfies present-day strategic requirements and will serve as a proving ground for developing the doctrine, tactics and techniques of the Objective Force. As such, it provides a bridge to the Objective Force.

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