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How "Transformational" is Army Transformation?

In 1999, the Army Chief of Staff outlined an Army vision comprising three elements: People, Readiness and Transformation. Guided by that vision, the Army began a timely and profound transformation of structure, equipment, manning, training and resources. Ultimately, Transformation is about risk management, striking a balance between readiness today and preparedness tomorrow.

Within this framework the Army developed a Transformation Campaign Plan designed across three simultaneous paths: a Current Force (the nation’s "go to war" capability); an interim force of Stryker Brigade Combat Teams (the bridge to the future as well as a capability between heavy and light forces); and the Objective Force (the future Army, a full-spectrum, network-centric capability designed as an integral part of the joint force).

The Objective Force is organized, manned, equipped and trained to be more strategically responsive, deployable, agile, versatile, lethal, survivable and sustainable across the full spectrum of military operations. The Objective Force will operate within the framework of a joint force in which it will lead joint forces, be led by a joint force and use joint capabilities at the lowest reasonable level. The Objective Force comprises modular, scalable, flexible organizations whose leaders are adaptive for prompt and sustained land operations in complex terrain. It is an adaptable force, able to transition quickly between changes in task, purpose and directions, maneuvering into and out of contact without sapping operational momentum because the Objective Force facilitates joint decentralized operations at the tactical level. Trained and equipped leaders and informed and networked soldiers at the lowest levels, adapting to the situation, make decisions to seize the initiative and accomplish operational objectives with tactical action.

Army Transformation is in harmony with Department of Defense and joint efforts to transform the armed forces. It is the goal of the Army to build the Objective Force to fully support the National Security Strategy and the National Military Strategy as part of the joint force. Its progress will realize the transformational capabilities as outlined by DoD. The Army’s Transformation Campaign Plan is on track and on target, designing a force to lead joint operations.

Congress must recognize this compatibility and resource the Army and DoD accordingly. An investment in the Army today is an investment in America’s future.

So is Army Transformation transformational? Emphatically yes!

It is the goal of the Army to build the Objective Force to fully support the National Security Strategy and the National Military Strategy as part of the joint force.

How "Transformational" is Army Transformation?
Letter from AUSA President Gen. Gordon Sullivan
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