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Profile of the U.S. Army – a reference handbook - 2005 edition

Profile of the U.S. Army describes and defines the Army as it is organized today and being shaped for tomorrow. It is intended to be a user-friendly reference book for people familiar with the Army and an easy-to-read introduction for family members, civilian employees, contractors and future Soldiers.

Profile takes a top-down approach, first describing the Army's role as a key element in the national security structure and then flowing into the "why" and "how" of the Army's organization and structure. Included is information about the current transformation to the Modular Force - one of the most significant organizational changes in the Army's history - with details on the new brigade combat teams and modular headquarters.

Profile also contains information and helpful graphics on the Soldier, the Army's institutions, Army families and the Army's current operations. For readers wishing to seek more details, each chapter includes a list of relevant web sites.

Appendixes include information on major Army commands (MACOMs), Army posts, a glossary of acronyms and maps illustrating locations of current Army combat corps and divisions, Army National Guard units of employment and brigade combat teams and Army Reserve regional readiness commands and divisions. Also included is a map illustrating the future active division and brigade combat team stationing and flag designations announced by the Pentagon on 27 July 2005.

You will need the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these documents.

Profile Cover (PDF 908K)

Table of Contents (PDF 227K)

Foreword (PDF 29K)

Chapter 1: National Defense (PDF 836K)

Chapter 2: Land Component (PDF 785K)

Chapter 3: Army Organization (PDF 718K)

Chapter 4: The Soldier (PDF 963K)

Chapter 5: Army as an Institution (PDF 612K)

Chapter 6: Army Families (PDF 811K)

Chapter 7: Army On Point (PDF 569K)

Chapter 8: The Future Army (PDF 433K)

Appendix A: Army Major Commands (MACOMs) (PDF 493K)

Appendix B: U.S. Army Installations (PDF 102K)

Appendix C: Glossary of Acronyms and Abbreviations (PDF 39K)

Map: Army Combat Corps and Divisions (PDF 434K)

Map: Army National Guard Units of Employment (UEs) and Brigade Combat Teams (PDF 452K)

Map: Army Reserve Regional Readiness Commands and Divisions (PDF 466K)

Map: Future Active Component Division and Brigade Combat Team Stationing and Flag Designations (PDF 445K)