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Torchbearer Special Reports

Torchbearer Special Reports are informational papers highlighting unique topics of interest for a variety of audiences.

Click on the title to download the publication. You will need the latest version of
Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these documents. To order these and other ILW publications, or to obtain an index of our most recent publications, call 800-336-4570, Ext. 630 or write to AUSA's Institute of Land Warfare, 2425 Wilson Blvd., Arlington, VA 22201-3385 or send an e-mail to Please include the alphanumeric information that follows each title, along with your membership number.

AUSA + 2nd Session, 109th Congress = Some Good News, But...
(PDF, 812K, Torchbearer Special Report, November 2006) Briefly describes the major objectives AUSA wanted to achieve in the second session of Congress and what actions were taken for each. In this session, the 109th Congress made some progress toward allocating much-needed resources to the Army, but in many areas it fell short of the mark. The best efforts of all AUSA members will be required to guarantee funding of initiatives to ensure Soldiers' and their families' quality of life is equal to the services they provide.

Unified Quest: Exploring the Nature of Warfare
(Torchbearer Special Report, PDF, 345Kb, April 2006) Takes a look at the Army's first wargame that extends beyond combat operations to the more intractable stability and reconstruction phase. The wargame provides insights about warfare in current operations, leading to solutions that will help future warfighters. The Army is using this opportunity to explore alternatives and identify the institutional, conceptual and experimental gaps that must be closed to prepare the force for future joint, interagency and multinational operations.

Army National Guard Division and Brigade Combat Team Designations (12/20/2005)
(Torchbearer Special Report, 3.4Mb, December 2005) Provides an overview (including a map) of the Army National Guard's designation plan for the largest shift in Guard force structure since the end of World War II; the transformation began early in Fiscal Year 2005, but the recent announcement of designations at AUSA's Annual Meeting on 5 October 2005 established the names, heraldry and heritage of the Army National Guard units transitioning to Brigade Combat Teams. A major consideration throughout the transformation has been the desire to retain the lineage and honors of historic Army National Guard regiments and battalions. In many cases, the states, the National Guard Bureau and the U.S. Army Center of Military History jointly decided to convert historic regiments to a new branch to keep their lineage intact.

Torchbearer Special Report - Active Component Division and Brigade Combat Team Stationing and Flagging Designations (08/19/2005)
(Torchbearer Special Report, August 2005) provides an overview (including a map) of the Army's stationing and flagging designation plan for the active component, as announced on 27 July 2005. The stationing plan lays out the footprint of the 21st century Army Modular Force--a larger, more flexible, more powerful and more rapidly deployable force built around the brigade combat team. This plan ties directly into the Army's three major transformational processes: the Army Modular Force Initiative, the Integrated Global Presence and Basing Strategy (IGPBS) and the 2005 round of Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC).