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Team Wendy

Wendy Moore loved action sports. She loved life. Wendy died on March 15, 1997 at age 29, as the result of a traumatic head injury sustained while skiing without a helmet. In her honor, her family founded a company in Cleveland, Ohio with the vision and mission to raise helmet awareness for those who have a passion for action sports like Wendy did, and to engineer improved helmet designs that raise the bar for helmet safety standards.

Wendy Moore

Nearly a decade ago, the chemists, physicists and engineers at Team Wendy set out to create a new kind of helmet liner; one that would provide the best possible multi-impact protection against head injury. The result – Zorbium™ foam – a patented, energy absorbing advanced material. The cutting edge chemistry and engineering delivers a foam that reduces the risk of life-threatening injuries during high velocity impacts and concussions during lower velocity impacts. And because Zorbium™ is a visco-elastic foam, it rebounds after impact providing true multi-impact protection.

By leveraging the company’s work in the ski and snowboard industries, Team Wendy has introduced these materials to a variety of new custom applications in the sports and recreation market segments, law enforcement, and defense industries.

Today, Zorbium™ Action Pads (ZAP™) are the standard issue helmet pads for the US Army and USMC ground combat helmets. Hundreds of thousands of Team Wendy pad systems have protected US Forces for more almost three years, including more than 130,000 in Iraq and Afghanistan today.

ZAP™ are the only pads on the market that use a foam specifically designed to provide impact protection in a helmet application.

And now, Team Wendy isn’t just protecting heads. Through our efforts to provide the most protective products, Team Wendy committed to working with customers to identify other opportunities to improve the level of protection for our armed forces personnel and law enforcement officers. In 2007, Non-Slip Knee & Elbow Pads were introduced. These pads were designed to actually function and fit as knee and elbow pads, unlike those that traditionally slip during the course of daily activity. Team Wendy’s Grippium™, a high friction material, prevents the pads from shifting and slipping. And because the pads stay put, constantly cinching straps is no longer a requirement to keeps pads in place. The Airborne Pad also came to market in 2007. This pad, designed for the Airborne community, works with Team Wendy’s existing standard issue pad system, to prevent the nape area of the shell and rear hardware from impacting the skull on landing. The Airborne Pad also provides additional stability to the helmet, minimizing the forward movement of the shell upon aircraft exit.

Earlier this year, Team Wendy presented aviation with portable seat cushions. These seat cushions drastically reduce the pain and numbness in the thigh, buttocks, and lumbar areas caused from being seated for long duration in high vibration environments. Similar seats are also available for ground combat and combat support vehicles.

CEO John Sweeny and President Tom Prodouz continue to work together to effectively position Team Wendy for future growth. Both partners recognize achieving a best in class product line requires best in class employees working in a best in class environment.

It was just early 2005 that Team Wendy had only seven full-time employees. Today, Team Wendy has 50 full-time employees. Team Wendy’s new manufacturing plant, located in Cleveland’s Collinwood neighborhood and certified SBA HUB Zone, continues to expand. Manufacturing all products in house, quality assurance is top priority at Team Wendy. To aid in accomplishing this, considerable effort has been focused on maintaining Team Wendy’s testing laboratory; a temperature and humidity controlled environment housing new, state-of-the-art equipment including; dual wire and monorail impact testers, tensile and compression material testers, temperature and humidity chambers, lab oven, test freezer, lab scales.

Before his appointment to Team Wendy in 2005, Mr. Sweeny was a career Army officer. He served in a variety of tactical and operational assignments with postings all over the world. In his last assignment he served on the National Security staff of the Vice President. His responsibilities involved operational analysis, and strategic policy planning for issues related to the Global War on Terror.

Mr. Sweeny was selected to serve on the White House staff following almost five years at the Pentagon where he managed all communications support for the Secretary, Deputy Secretary and their immediate senior staffs. He was responsible for the Secretary’s Operations Center, a 24x7 communications center. This center was the only functioning operations center left in the Pentagon on 9/11. In the months immediately following the attack on the Pentagon,
Mr. Sweeny and his staff developed the requirements for upgrading the crisis response capabilities for the Secretary of Defense and other senior leaders in the Department of Defense.

Mr. Prodouz has over 35 years of progressive management experience with major manufacturers of polyurethane foam products. Prior to joining Team Wendy, he served as the General Manager of Vitafoam, Inc. where he held responsibility for a 500,000 square foot QS9000 certified polyurethane manufacturing and fabricating facility with six direct reports and 150 hourly employees covering three shifts. Tom has also served as General Manager of Flexible Foam Products, Inc. and Manufacturing Executive, Plant Manager, Automotive Manager, Manager of Quality Assurance, and Technical Manager with Foamex International, Inc.

Team Wendy is committed to maintaining its position as an industry leader in producing energy absorbing and vibration attenuating materials for protective equipment. Additionally, the company is focused on providing design, manufacturing, and development opportunities in the HUB Zone neighborhood their plant is located in.

Team Wendy will continue to provide best in class safety products while improving economic opportunities in this disadvantaged neighborhood.

Launched as a legacy to a loved one, Team Wendy is Overprotective….and Proud of It! ™